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The variety and function capable of today's vibrators is astonishing. Low cost and high powered vibrators are easily obtained from the privacy of your own home and are a must have for the solo masturbation session to the passionate exchange of pleasuring your lover.
There is nothing quite like the humming of a vibrator between your legs… but there are some questions you may want to ask yourself before choosing one. Do you want one that allows you to be hands free, vary the speed and intensity, with or without a remote control, small or large, and/or have one attach to a partner to pleasure you? Below you will find a review of some of the basic features of vibrators that will help you better answer these questions and get you on your way to experiencing erotic vibrations!
Njoy Fun Wand - shower sex toys !
I Like It Doggie Style Strap by Sportsheets
Masturbation Sextoys That Will Give You Unbelievable Sexual Pleasure ! Find Sex Toys for Women - Sex Toys for Couples !
Sextoys - Buckling Collar w/Nipple Clamps
Slimline G Vibrator
A twist on the classic, multi-speed vibrator, this slim waterproof vibe is curved to find all the right angles. Click Here !
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Sextoys -
Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit
Sextoys - Laya Spot Vibe
Laya Spot Vibe
Laya spot vibefits very nicely in the hand and cradles perfectly in the contours of a woman's pelvic area. Click Here !
Sextoys - Ultimate Dildo Harness, 3 Strap
Ultimate Dildo Harness, 3 Strap
The best basic dildo harnesses available anywhere. Click here !
Sextoys - Buckling Collar w/Nipple Clamps
Buckling Collar w/Nipple Clamps
Nipple clamps are attached to the D-ring of this leather collar for easy accessibility and control. Click Here !
This multi purpose nipple play item offers a lower cost alternative to many higher-end suction devices.The Universal Nipple Enlarger comes with four different ring sizes and two different pump applicators, allowing for a perfect fit for most people, and a full range of sensations. A larger ring will provide a light sensation and keep your nipples comfortably erect. Use a smaller size for more sensation and/or "bite," as well as a greater enlarging effect.
Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit
The Universal Nipple Enlarger comes with four different ring sizes and two different pump applicators, Click Here !
Sextoys - Nipple Suction Device
Nipple Suction Device
This is a simple funnel-shaped suction toy most commonly used on the nipples.Click Here !
The Vagina Sucker
Sextoys - The Vagina Sucker
The Vagina Sucker is a device designed to create extra sensitivity in the labia. Click Here !

Choosing the right toy for your "love button" can seem overwhelming at times, as there are so many styles from which to choose. Take a look at our product selection below.
Sex Toys for Women - Sex Toys for Couples. Vibrators - Clitoral Vibrators  - G-Spot & Prostate Vibrators  - Anal Vibrators  - Nipple Vibrators  - Dildos - Strap-ons
This vagina sucker and clit pump is the ultimate sex toy for any girl. Position the soft sensuous cup over your vagina, create the vacuum by squeezing the pump and add some highly orgasmic vibrations. The vacuum increases sensitivity like nothing else on earth. Power up the multi-speed vibrations and you will find yourself on cloud 9! This highly orgasmic vagina sucker and clit pump is absolutely awesome.
vagina sucker - vagina pump
FULL DESCRIPTION - Ultimate Vagina Sucker and Clit Pump
This unique and original clitoral and vagina pump with powerful vibrations and suction is the perfect choice for clitoral and labia stimulation. It is made of hygienically superior and soft silicone material. The strong but soft silicone cup feels exquisitely supple as it suckles and stimulates your clit. This great vagina sucker and clitoral pump increases the blood flow and creates a whole new sexual sensation. The vibration speed is fully adjustable and the amount of suction can easily be increased or decreased through the bulb pump with quick release valve. Many of our customers have reported back to us that this vibrating stimulator is absolutely amazing when used on nipples too. What a great all-round sex toy! Click here !
This strap really works and is worth every penny! My wife was a little hesitant at first, but once we used it, she was sold on it. Way better penetration, much more intense orgasms and the strap did not pinch or hurt her at all. I highly recommend this item; it is a mainstay in our bedroom activities.
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