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Ride it, rock it, or spoon it! With Doc Johnson's iRide, you control the rhythm, speed and sensation with the very motion of your body, freeing your hands for more important, exciting things. There are two independently controlled, 3-level vibrating zones targeted directly at your two most erogenous zones. The naturally curved design allows for sensual rhythmic movement, while the padded cushion makes for a soft, smooth ride. Mount the iRide in comfort and rock yourself to ecstasy! Made of non-Phthalate ABS and TPR. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Pink.
Ride it, rock it, or spoon it!
Thigh-On Dildo Harness - Are you ready to discover a whole new angle on "lap dancing?"
the monkey rocker hybrid - The ride is quiet (and discreet) and requires little effort or energy on your part to get it moving. Just shifting your body does it, and the sensation of the ride feels easy and natural. There is no learning curve, just move the way your body prefers to create your favorite thrusting action. The Monkey Rocker works great facing either direction, for vaginal or anal penetration.
Fetish fantasy the incredible sex stool - Take the strain off your thighs and enjoy weightless sex! Bounce up and down on your partner with ease, and try new positions while enjoying moves you never thought were possible! The Fetish Fantasy Sex Stool is designed to play hard - it holds up to 300 lbs. and is constructed with a heavy duty tubular steel frame. The seat is flexible, easy to clean, and made from high-strength TPU. The opening in the seat's center allows you to get closer and go deeper than ever before, for maximum penetration and maximum pleasure! Best of all, it's discreet enough to pass as a normal chair or stool in your bedroom. Be creative, explore new techniques, and do it all with greater ease!
Fetish fantasy the incredible sex stool -
Thigh-On Dildo Harness - When most of us think of a strap-on dildo harness, we think of the classic style which allows a woman to strap a dildo in front of her pubic region, where the penis would be on a man. But there are other options, and many people are discovering the joys of strapping one on to their thigh instead, and giving their lover a different kind of ride.
Thigh-On Dildo Harness
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The Monkey Rocker Hybrid
The Incredible Sex Stool
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