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SpareParts Theo harness  – G-String Harness
SpareParts Theo harness  – G-String HarnessSpareParts Theo harness  – G-String HarnessSpareParts Theo harness  – G-String Harness
SpareParts Theo harness  – G-String Harness
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I love pegging my boyfriend. I bend him over at least twice a day and pound his ass with my 10 inch strapon dildo !
I came over and over and over, that is what i remember about pegging my husband the first time.
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Having strapon sex and pegging my boyfriend is such a turn-on for me !
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pegging my husband for the first time !
Pegging My Husband for The First Time !
I came over and over and over that is what I remember about the first time pegging my husband. The orgasm was awesome !
Do You Want Your Partner To Try Pegging With You ?
The first time I pegged my husband, I had him wear a blindfold and had him lay across the bed naked. Then, I positioned myself on top of him and placed by well lubed dildo between his ass cheeks.
Do You Want Your Partner To Try Pegging With You ?
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I love pegging my boyfriend. I bend him over at least twice a day and pound his ass with my 10 inch strapon dildo !
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I came over and over and over, that is what i remember about pegging my husband the first time.
Pegging Picture Gallery
I love pegging my boyfriend. I bend him over at least twice a day and pound his ass with my 10 inch strapon dildo !
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"I know you're pegging curious. Does your wife know you have a submissive side? Why don't I call her and tell her right now, about your little secret. If you don't want me to tell her the humiliating truth about you, do what I say and join me for a session that you want forget. I want to make all your fetish fantasies come true. I hope you're wearing your anal plug harness, because I'm going to ride that fine ass of yours"
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I love pegging my boyfriend. I bend him over at least twice a day and pound his ass with my 10 inch strapon dildo !
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The panties were first…the fingers, my fist and finally my big dildo… We both quickly realized that my hubby’s little penis couldn’t take care of my pussy…but we found that my bigger cock could take care of his ass…
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Now ladies, remember when pegging your man it is about your pleasure as well. You need to be firm  and make sure he knows you are in control the entire time.  Don’t start off to rough or he will protest too much.  You want to teach him to love that you are in control, you want to teach him to enjoy it.  So start slowly and let him get used to your strapon in his ass.  With just a few minutes of time preparing him and letting him get used to it, he will enjoy it, and then you can really pound his ass like the bitch he so is and enjoy the powerful feeling as you fuck him harder and harder, hitting his prostate till the cum is oozing from his cock.
What you need for a good pegging session:

This article will give you a good overview of the first critical steps to realise yours, or your man’s, fantasy of strapon anal sex. Preparing the ass for anal play !

As with many things in life, prepartion and planning will make a huge difference. The very first thing that you should do is insure that you have all the needed tools. Here’s a list of what could be considered the bare minimum for a successful strap-on play:

1- Lube:

Any kind of anal penetration should always be done with a generous amount of lube. The anus does not produce any secretion therefore it must be covered with some form of lubrification to ease the movement as well as to prevent bruises from the friction of the toy. The best kind of lube is a water based one since it would be compatible with all type of toy material.

Warning: In a understanable but ill-advice desire of reducing to a minimum the use of chimicals, some peoples may be tempted to turn to food products for lubrification. Popular choices are; shortning, butter and vegetable oil. While all those products would indeed work as lube they can also cause serious damage to your health because of all their biological components. So unless you and your man are into very heavy food fetishes, and aware of the risk involve, you should stick with the kind of lube that is design to be use for humain body penetration.
2- A opening/widening toy;

Butt plugs

Remember the first time that you took something up your butt. That gate is quite tight and your man’s is no different. You will need to work on it with your finger or a small toy to relax the muscle and widen the openning before going in with your strapon. A favorite way to do this is with a glove covered hand (low cost latex gloves can be found in any drug store). A small toy can also be use in a similar way. Another popular solution is to use a butt plug and to have him wear it during the foreplay before you start working him with the strapon.

3- The Strapon:
The single most important piece of equipment on the list, the strapon dildo is actually made of 2 parts; the harness and the dildo. As first timer you will probably get both in a kit but they can also be purchase separately.
The Harness:

The harness is often neglected in the selection process since most peoples are naturally more interested by the details of the dildo. This is a big mistake. The harness is a crutial piece of equipment. Event the very best quality dildo will not give you a great experience if it is not solidly hold in place by a good harness. The harness is the anchor point for your toy and if it start rolling or moving around it can quickly ruin your experience.

There are dozen different type of harness on the marquet today. Among those, two are standing out as both the most popular and the most affordable for beginners; the string and the jock type harness. The difference are in the way the harness is secure to your body.
The String harness have a strap going around your waist, like a belt, and another that goes between your legs. The main benefit of this type of harness is the friction from the midle strap that provide a nice stimulation on your clit and vulva.

The Jock type harness use three straps; one around the waist and two around the calves. It will not provide any ongoing stimulation but will allow full acess to your sex and ass to your partner. This type of harness is generally considered the one providing the most stable platform for the dildo. Most hight end harness are based on variations of this type of design.

Once you are done experimenting and decide to make pegging a part of your regular sex diet you will have a better understanding of the mechanic involve and be in a better position to select the very best harness for you.

The harness also include the mechanism to hold the dildo in place. The vast majority of harness use a O ring system but some of the best products (the ones made by the Doc Johnson brand) are equiped with a system called Vaculock that use a special peg to hold the dildo in place. Once you have selected your harness be carefull to choose a dildo that is compatible with it.
Hint: On most websites when a dildo is labelled as “harness compatible” it usually refer to the O ring system.
The Dildo or Dong

Anyone who has ever visited a sex shop or browse a sextoy website know that dildos come in a almost infinite variety of sizes, shapes, materials and colors. But not all dildo will work in a stapon harness. For a first experience you have to choose wisely. Heres a few things to look for:

Dildo Shape:

For a first experience it is better to select a dildo with a very smooth surface texture. This will make penetration much easier. With O ring harness, a very important feature to look for is a wide base to prevent any accidental burrying of the toy that may result in a visit to the emergency room.

Dildo Size:

Contrary to what you may have seen in porn; bigger is not better for a first strapon experience. Even if you and your man are into a Femdom relationship (where a certain amount of pain is part of the arousal process) you still want to start small and work your way up. A small dildo will both be easier for him to receive and for you to handle. Many women, when shopping for a first strapon, forget that they will have to wear it and manoeuver it in action. Trust me when I say that a strapon is anything but a natural feel when you use it for the first time.
The good news is that most jock type harness (the one I recommend for beginner) have a convenient pocket to hold a vibrating egg or bullet right over your clit so you can get all those nice vibrations whitout the cheap plastic…..

Hint: If you got yourself a harness with a vibe bullet include in the kit (like the Tantus beginner kit) I strongly recommend that you leave it off for your first few pegging. While the vibe feature is a nice stimulating one, you dont really need it for the first few time and you certainly will not need the distration of operating it while you will be figuring out the main action. You can add that later when you feel confortable with the basic stuff.
Decision, Decision, Decision

OK, now that I got you totally confuse with all those informations let me give you a hand in making that agonising decision; What are the product that I would recommend for a first pegging of your man:
A good size for a first experience would be something around 6-7 inches long with a diameter of between 1-1.5 inches.

Dildo Material:

Stay away from the hard material for a first dildo. Glass, Steel, Wood, hard plastic ect sometime make very good toys but they are the most difficult to handle safely in a harness.
The best choice for beginner are the silicone ones, they are smooth in texture and the easiest one to keep clean and germ free. Rubber/Latex/Jelly/PVC are also fine as long as you treat them carefully when cleaning and storing. (See here for the best way to clean your sex toys)

Dildo Vibrating or not ?

Many “harness compatible” toys are vibrators and you will be surprise to see that they are usually cheaper than the non-vibrating ones. STAY AWAY from those! Most are made of cheap plastic and are nothing but bargain price vibe with a cheap plastic strap glued to them. There are a few good quality vibrating strapon dildo but they are in the upper price range and I would feel guilty to recommend them to beginners that are still exploring.