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My Boyfriend found my strap-on, then asked if I would fuck him in the ass !
Women Are Wearing Strap-ons In The Bedroom !
Are You Pegging Curious ?
Pegging Goes Mainstream In
The Bedroom !
Everything You Need Know for Pegging Your Man !
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Pegging Movie Gallery. Watch Wivies Having Strap-on Sex With Their Husbands !
Wives & Girlfriends Speak Out On Whether Their Man Is Gay If He Is Into Strap-on Anal Sex !
Is Your Man Gay, If He Is Into Strap-on Anal Sex ?
Prostate Milking !
No way, I think that is a crazy question. My bf and i have an open relationship and we are both just kinky in bed. I just graduated from playing with his ass with my dildo to wearing a strap-on.
We've been married for 6 years and have two kids, I definetly say No. Pegging is just a way of keeping things interesting in the bedroom. It was my fantasy to use a strap-on taking my man from the rear!
No. We are swingers and we are just into trying new stuff in the bedroom. My husband's "Mistress" introduced me to strap-on sex. I love receiving and giving when it comes to anal sex !
No, it's just the way we play. I'm very dominate in the bedroom that is just my nature. My boyfriend is a very strong man out of the bedroom. In the bedroom he belongs to me. You know what I mean !
We're married but we're bi-sexual. So my answer to that question is No. A guy is either into anal sex with his wife or girlfriend or is into anal sex with a guy. That is just how it works in my opinion.
No, It's my preference to be with a guy that will let me take him in the ass with my strap-on. I'm simply into my sexuality and sex in general and i look for a guy that thinks the same way i do. I;m just a kinky bitch !
My answer is No. We were pegging before we got married and on our honeymoon i brought all our favorite toys including by favorite strap-on. For our wedding i bought the perfect white dildo for the occasion!
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SpareParts Theo harness  – G-String Harness
SpareParts Theo harness  – G-String HarnessSpareParts Theo harness  – G-String HarnessSpareParts Theo harness  – G-String Harness
SpareParts Theo harness  – G-String Harness
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I love pegging my boyfriend. I bend him over at least twice a day and pound his ass with my 10 inch strapon dildo !
I came over and over and over, that is what i remember about pegging my husband the first time.
Dr. ruthie teaching couples how to peg !
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Amateur Pegging
Sexpost !
Having strapon sex and pegging my boyfriend is such a turn-on for me !
Pegging - Having Strapon Sex with My Man  !
pegging my husband for the first time !
Pegging My Husband for The First Time !
I came over and over and over that is what I remember about the first time pegging my husband. The orgasm was awesome !
Do You Want Your Partner To Try Pegging With You ?
The first time I pegged my husband, I had him wear a blindfold and had him lay across the bed naked. Then, I positioned myself on top of him and placed by well lubed dildo between his ass cheeks.
Do You Want Your Partner To Try Pegging With You ?
So, to start off. I did label this as BDSM 101 Pegging, but do want to state that pegging is sometimes included as part of the BDSM spectrum, but sometimes it is completely on its own. So, I guess if a partner says they are into pegging, do not assume they are into the rest of activities of BDSM, as well. But some people do consider it a fairly normal part of BDSM, as well, so I did include that in the title.
So what is pegging?

Pegging is the act of a female using a strap-on dildo to have anal sex with a man. The term was coined by Dan Savage and really has no rhyme or reason as to why it is called pegging. There was a vote, people like the word, and now it is commonly used.
Why do people partake in pegging?

I think there are three parties in pegging. There is the male, the female, and then the couple. Each one of these parties gains different pleasures from pegging, so I want to go into each one separately.
Men: They get two real types of stimulation from pegging, there is anal stimulation and then there is prostate stimulation.

Women: Women can get stimulation from pegging as well. This largely depends on the toy that they are using. One method of pegging is to use a harness. The harness has straps that go around the body and then an O-ring in the front that holds a dildo. Often times the harness is designed so the base of the dildo sits on top of the clitoris and when the woman thrusts the dildo rubs against her clitoris and provides stimulation. Some harnesses have pouches, where a small bullet can be inserted and this sits on top of the clitoris and causes stimulation.

The second way you can add stimulation to pegging is my own idea that I have not seen elsewhere. You can insert Kegel balls into yourself. When your partner thrust forwards and backwards, the balls will move and jingle. This could lead to some vaginal stimulation and make the experience more fun. You could use Kegel balls and a harness at the same time.

Finally, there are double ended dildos. These dildos have one portion that is inserted into the vagina. The other end sticks out and is the dildo that will be inserted into the male. These dildos cause stimulation as any normal dildo would. An example of one of these would the Fun Factory Share that EdenFantasys sells. These dildos are normally marketed as harness-free, because the vagina keeps them in place. The anus is stronger than vaginal muscles though and once the female starts to self lubricate, it can be very difficult to keep one in place. If this happens, you can use these dildos with harnesses (not all, but there are lots you can use with them).
Both Partners: Then there are aspects both partners will find beneficial and have an experience from. The first is sometimes a dominant and submissive dynamic. This is where the BDSM aspect comes in. The pegger (the woman) is typically the dominant personality and the pegee (the male) is the submissive. This comes from stereotypes of the male being more aggressive and dominant. It also disassociates a male from his penis, which is a symbol of manhood. So pegging is a way of “castrating” him. There is just sometimes a culture in the BDSM community where pegging reinforces this dynamic. I want to make this very clear though-- pegging is not always a dominance and submission activity. It is only sometimes. Some people partake in pegging as equals, with none of the D/S relationship and it works fine. There is just a possibility or an option of being a D/S activity. So, feel free to identify it with either or even both. Sometimes, in my personal life, it is a submissive activity. Sometimes it is just for pleasure.

It also causes both parties to see each other’s point of view. The female understands what it is like to be a penetrator. It is very common for females who do this to go “wow that’s hard”; it is not easy to be the partner who is penetrating the other. It is also just a fun experience. Lots of people like the control, the ability to control the pace, the ability to be a bit more active. Overall, it is just a great way of learning a bit more about your partner and strengthening your relationship.

The male gets a similar experience. He gets to be a penetratee. He gets to understand what it is like to be penetrated. Often this is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. He gets to understand how his movements affect the penetrator. How it is difficult to coordinate. He gets to see the female perspective a bit better. If you peg in a cowgirl (or cowboy better called) he gets to see how difficult that can be. He gets to realize it is hard to gyrate down onto a penis and that it is not an easy activity. There is just a building of trust and closeness and perspective, when you see how your partner often has sex. It helps you to communicate better and have even non-pegging sex in a more enjoyable manner.

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Anal beads - If you're looking for a great beginner toy for anal, this is it! Even the largest ball is no thicker than my finger, so this is perfect for people who are new to anal. These are easy to use, and easy to keep clean. The finger loop on the end acts as a flared base, so these are anal safe.
Anal beads - The Anal 101 "Intro" definitely for beginners - they might be the perfect first lesson for an anal freshmen, but if you're a senior, go for a more advanced class. They come in some rather fetching colors (clear, pink, blue, and purple), are a decent length and width (8" insertable length and a maximum 1" diameter), and they're also pretty darn affordable!
So the first is anal stimulation. The anus has lots of nerve endings running around that area. The act of stimulating these nerve endings can be very pleasurable. There are women who like anal sex purely because of this enjoyable sensation. Men and women’s bums are, in fact, the same and therefore both can enjoy anal sex. So, when a man is pegged, it is often because he finds anal stimulation enjoyable.

On top of anal stimulation, men are lucky enough to get prostate stimulation. The prostate is a male reproductive organ and when pressure is put on it, many men find it to be very pleasurable. Some men can even achieve an orgasm from prostate stimulation alone or describe orgasms as heightened and better when there is both penile and prostate stimulation. This is different than anal stimulation. The prostate in “up” once you enter the anus or towards the belly button. Many people pick a dildo with an upwards curve, so they can hit the prostate and make the experience more enjoyable.
Pegging for the "Straight" Guy !
How can I get my husband to let me use my strap-on, on him ?
I'm a straight guy and before I got married, I was introduced to anal play by my ex-gf, how do I get my wife into anal play without her thinking I'm gay ?
Pegging for the "Straight" guy !
Ok guys, remember how you talked your wife or girlfriend into giving you anal sex. Oh yea, you remember. Well, let's do a little experiment because if you are reading this then you are pegging curious. Both you and your partner are pegging curious and want to gather as much information as possible to test the taboo sexual practice of pegging between a man and a woman with the man being the reciever and the woman the giver. Ok, you are going to need pegging supplies if this is your first time. I reccommend shopping You will get next day delivery, if desired and Amazon is now selling adult toys - click here !
You and your partner will need latex gloves, a small dildo and anal beads. Now, remember, pegging is simply a sexual act between consenting adults. Pegging is simply sex play. Guys, assume the position on your stomach and have your partner generously lube your ass or give you a senusous massage from head to toe after all this is going to be extra special.  If you are curious about backdoor excitement then this new toy by California Exotic will definitely catch your eye. Intro anal beads -feature an ergonomic design that can be enjoyed both by anal experts and newbies. Made out of jelly that provides gentle sensations, all 10 beads are gradually sized and have a retrieval ring that allows you to easily pull out the beads right in the moment of orgasm. Try it and you will be surprised be the intensity of sensations. - click here !
"Straight" wife wants to peg her husband !
Pegging my husband. "Straight" wife wants to peg her husband !
Ladies, you know how to get what you want. Order your pegging supplies and tell him you want to play nurse & patient and you're going to stimulate his ass tonight !
We recommend you make this a special evening to break your "straight" man into pegging. You know how men are. A great place to get a sexy nurse outfit - click here !  This will have him eating out of your hands as you get him ready for your strap-on.
Looking to try pegging for the first time or want to have a good harness and dildo of your own? Order the Sedeux beginner's pink strap-on and dildo kit. This set has everything you need: a one size fits many harness, three interchangeable o-rings, and a dildo. It is easy to adjust, comfortable to wear, and fun to use!
This harness not only looks great, but it feels great too. The angle at which the dildo protrudes from the harness is at a perfect level for pegging sex. The harness does not move during the act and doesn't chafe which is very important for heavier sessions. If you want to swap out to a different dildo, you don't have to remove the harness to do so. The dildo is held securely during use and does not slide around. The faux leather material helps grip the base of the dildos. Click here !
Pegging Positions
So, finally, come suggestions of positions you might want to try out with pegging. These tend to work really well, because the dynamic of pegging is a bit different than normal sex.

Doggy—The male on all fours. The female comes up behind him and inserts the dildo into him. This can be done with both members on the bed or the male on the bed and the female standing off the bed.

Laying on his back—The male sits on his back and often brings his knees up to his chest. The female either is at the edge of the bed and inserts into him or she is on the bed and just slides down until she can enter him.

Cowboy—The female is on her back with the harness facing up. The male climbs on top and lowers himself onto the dildo. Then sex takes place

Spoon—This is normal spooning sex, except the female is behind the male with the harness on and enters the male. Then you just wiggle back and forth and have sex.
These positions tend to be the favorites from people I know, when it comes to pegging. But there is nothing saying you cannot use any position.

Once you’re all lubed up, steady the dildo with one hand and place the head squarely against his anus. The most comfortable position for anal sex is with him lying face up with a pillow under the small of his back and his legs pulled up. You then enter him from on top, in a missionary-style position. In this position, you can kiss him, squeeze his nipples or stroke his penis. However, many couples like having the man bend over something that is less than waist height – a table, a chair, the bed, etc. – or take it doggy-style because these are more submissive postures.
These beads are made out of a soft, yet firm, jelly that will help create an enjoyable, erotic memory for anal novices. The beads gradually increase in size the deeper you go, so you can be sure that your pleasure will increase as well
Anal 101 intro beads . . . . .
I love pegging my boyfriend. I bend him over at least twice a day and pound his ass with my 10 inch strapon dildo !
I Decided To Buy A Strap-on To Peg My Husband !
Convincing  My Man To Have Strap-on Sex !
I came over and over and over, that is what i remember about pegging my husband the first time.
Pegging Picture Gallery
I love pegging my boyfriend. I bend him over at least twice a day and pound his ass with my 10 inch strapon dildo !
Pleasing Your Man Anally !
"Straight" wives pegging their husbands - click here !
Pegging Storeies, erotic pegging stories, pegging stories for women !
prostate milking
Dr. ruthie teaching couples how to peg !
A couples guide to stimulating the prostate for health and pleasure. Step by step guide.
Electrosex for the advanced and the beginner.
Electrosex  - Click Here !
P is for Pegging (The Fantasy A-Z Series) - After a sexually experienced college girlfriend introduces Dan to the profound pleasures of anal play, she leaves him with a fantasy that he has a hard time fulfilling. Most women he’s with simply aren’t open to the idea of backdoor play for guys, and nonePaige's Pegging Party  - Paige has just started working for an adult products company called Fruitful Connections, and she desperately wants to move some toys! She keeps her boyfriend, Ryan, waiting in the wings while she makes her pitch to a group of friends; when it comes time to discuss strap-onsPegged To Order (femdom pegging) - It's time to turn the tables on a domineering boss -- and Marie Wedgewood is the woman to do it. Join Marie as she leads her restaurant's head chef firmly and forcefully into the world of pegging, and prepare for a few surprises as two eager male Sex Inspectors joiPegging Her Husband ( - Betty loves her husband, Robert, and is ever the doting wife. However, sometimes Robert doesn't treat her with the respect she deserves. Betty thinks she knows a way to get Robert to start acting more like an equal, less like her master. In this story, Betty introduces RobertPegging Her Date - Single and sexy Lauren promised herself she wouldn't go all the way on her blind date with Zach. But he's just too damn sexy and suave. She can't wait to get him back to her apartment. She has a strap on in her bedroom, and he has such a fine ass . . .
P is for Pegging (The Fantasy A-Z Series)
Paige's Pegging Party
Pegged To Order
Pegging Her Husband
Pegging Her Date
Top Kinky "Freaks" - Fetishes !
Pegging Tales
Pegging My Boyfriend
Pretty Boy Pegging
Pegging The Pickup Artist
Pegging My Husband
FEMDOM ANAL:  Straight men are terrified by their own asses. It is so taboo for most men to admit that they enjoy anal stimulation but once they experience it they are never the same. Over time my husband has learned to prefer getting his ass fucked over any other sexual activity. He will do about anything I say if he thinks it will lead to his prostate being tickled.

If you want to control the man, you must take control of the ass. In the beginning he just liked ass play because it was kinky and humiliating. Now his ass has become a true man cunt and he can’t wait to get it fucked.
Today we will talk about pegging. We will discuss: what it is, how to go about doing it, why people do it, and the different toys you can use for it.
for the "Straight Couple" !
"If it feels good, do it in the BUTT !!!"
Are you pegging curious ? First let me say pegging is a great way to spice up your sex play in the bedroom. As a couple the two of you will get off on role reversal.
Ladies, let me say pegging is not a sex act that my husband and I do every night. Pegging is a sexual fun game we enjoy. We are a very opened minded couple.
Once we got into pegging, we really loved it, because we are on the "kinky" side anyway and we love experimenting in the bedroom. My mom, once told me, "do it all while you're young and sexy." We only go around once, so have the best times of your life sexually.
Pegging can really get you off ladies. I go all out with lingerie & leather. Pegging is a very sensuous sexual game to play with your lover.
I really love my strap-on. It makes me feel so sensuous & excited for erotic role play with my husband. I really did my research when I got "pegging curious". My husband and I discussed pegging after seeing an episode of the Showtime comedy Weeds. It was the Weed sixth episode of the second season titled "Crush Girl Love Panic" and had a scene where Yael pulls out a strap-on for use on Andy. The scene was so sensuous to me, it got me so excited, I had to try it with my husband.
It just looked sexy when Yael the girlfriend bent-over Andy and penetrated him with her big black dildo attached to her strap-on. I looked at my husband and told him, I wanted to get a strap-on for the bedroom. He laughed, but said he was game. Ladies, pegging is about your man pleasing you.There are tips below to get your "reluctant" man to try pegging.
One more thing before we get started. My husband and I, after 11 years of marriage are really into pegging so my advise is to make pegging a part of your sexual play and go all out. I love looking sexy and I love the sexy leather collection at Wicked Temptations. Yes, I'm so into BDSM gear also, I love being sexual. Pegging with your lover will take you to the next level of exploring your sexuality. Checkout the ladies picture gallery with their sexy outfits and strap-ons.
Doing my homework, I purchased the Aslan Leather Pink Candy Minx Strap-on, the most beautiful harness that I had ever seen, the feel and fit the - leather was soft, supple and extremely comfortable to wear. it was pricey, but if I was going to penetrate my man's ass, I was going to do it with the best and you will love the strap-on selection at endenfantasys. To help you learn more about choosing a strap-on for your personal taste and budget - click here !
Pegging Photo Gallery !
Baby, I want to buy a strap-on !
Preparing your man's virgin ass for pegging . . . . .
I really don't see a difference with a guy screwing a girl up the butt or a girl screwing a guy up the butt.

Massaging of the prostate can intensify the orgasm (which is always pleausurable).
This will rock his night for sure . . .
Anal fingering while giving him oral sex.
Cleanliness is essential with virtually all forms of this type of play. A bath or a shower is a great primer, and can be the start of the festivities. Once your finger(s) or Sex Toy has been inside their anus, don't put them anywhere else until you wash them.Make sure to have a good lubricant, use plenty of it, and start as slowly as possible the first few times. Assess their responses to your actions and react accordingly.

Be sure to clip your fingernails quite short before doing any type of penetration, especially anal. The lining of the rectum is thin, and can be torn by sharp objects. If you have longer fingernails, you can pack some cotton balls around your fingernails and put on a latex glove. Also, if you are paranoid about what could be on your finger when you pull it out, a regular or finger Condom may be a good idea.
Once you get lubricated, you want to start by taking it really easy. Most people who have never had any anal play will tense their sphincter muscles. If they are tensing, do not try to push through, as it will cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Instead, make little circles around his anus and wait for him to relax. Once he starts relaxing, gently try moving your finger in and out a little. Start shallow and slowly move deeper, just make sure to watch his reactions and facial expressions to see if you are going too fast.

Once you get inside, you can do a variety of things, including: twisting your hand, pulling in and out, moving in large circles following the wall of the cavity, or stimulate specific spots with little circles. There are two very pleasurable spots in and around a man's anus. The first location is the anus itself; it is surrounded by a large number of nerve bundles and is very sensitive. The second is the prostate gland; it is located a few inches inside the anus towards the belly button, and often feels like a firm bulge.

The most effective use of anal play is right at Orgasm. If you have a finger inside, giving him Prostate Gland Stimulation, when he reaches an orgasm you will send him to another world of pleasure, one that he will most likely be asking you to help him revisit. By stimulating the prostate gland as he gets close to climaxing, you can give him an orgasm three or more times as intense!
Pegging Storeies, erotic pegging stories, pegging stories for women !
Wanted - Submissive Males !
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"I know you're pegging curious. Does your wife know you have a submissive side? Why don't I call her and tell her right now, about your little secret. If you don't want me to tell her the humiliating truth about you, do what I say and join me for a session that you want forget. I want to make all your fetish fantasies come true. I hope you're wearing your anal plug harness, because I'm going to ride that fine ass of yours"
KinkLab Anal Plug Harness with Cock Ring
Anal Pleasure Toys for Men !
I love pegging my boyfriend. I bend him over at least twice a day and pound his ass with my 10 inch strapon dildo !
Have Strap-on, Will Peg . . . . .
Your Fetish? Take Our Fetish Sex Quiz !
Can't wait to bend my man over !
Today we have more dominant wives than ever and playful girlfriends who love strapping it on in the bedroom. Pegging is a female-to-male sex act in which a woman in the active role enters a man's anus with a strap-on dildo, where the woman takes on the traditional male role of the penetrator.
What Is Pegging ?
Pegging, by it's nature, is not a homosexual act. It is, at it's base, a sex act between a woman and a man. In fact, there are many women who are into it, though, due to it still being relatively unknown and taboo, though it is getting discussed very often in mainstream culture. Lots of celebrities mentioned in interviews about how much they enjoy pegging.

The human body has many erogenous zones, and in a man, the prostate is one of the most sensitive, and one of the best ways to stimulate your prostate is through pegging. A healthy and active sex life should include exploration. Exploration of yourself, exploration of your partner, and hopefully, exploration of your own limits. " 'Kinky' is just something that you haven't done yet".

The truth of the matter is that there are many people who are interested in pegging, but societally, we are still on the cusp of acceptance. The biggest obstacle to pegging is the inability to talk about it. Just remember, as a general rule, we are all sexual, and we are all curious. The more we explore, the more we know about ourselves and our world. It's all part of the coming of age of our new sexual liberation.

And the best part? If the woman is reticent about letting the male fuck her in the ass, then pegging is the best way to get her to relent. I mean, it's just fair, isn't it? :-)    reprint from StraponDreamers !
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