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Pegging Couples & Their Stories !
Pegging On The Rise Among Heterosexual Couples.
I recently stated the fact that pegging is on the rise among heterosexual couples. This also means that pegging porn sites like I Strap On My Man are also becoming more prevalent. But the question that still lingers in many people's mind is why pegging is so hot. Let's answer that question.
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Confession: I Want to Do My Boyfriend with a Strap-On
My boyfriend’s butt is beautiful. It’s pretty. It’s plump. It fits in the palm of my hand. I can’t keep my hands off it, and simply touching it turns me on. I’ve spanked it, kissed it, rubbed it, grabbed it, bit it — and now I want to stick something in it. 
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Today Many Heterosexual Couples (Straight) Are Practicing Pegging !
Today many heterosexual couples (straight) are practicing pegging becasue of the amount of information available on the Internet. Many young couples are open to pegging and anal play because of the many benefits to health and great sex !
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Spank my butt !
Spank my butt, please.
Spanking 101 and Other Tales !
Share Your First Time Pegging Story !
Would you share your first time pegging experince with us ? Many heterosexual couples are pegging for the first time and with "straight" couples one partner wants to try it and the other partner is kind of not into it. We would like to share your first time with our guest. Make your story as long as you want.
I bought a strap-on and you don't want to try it !
How To Get My Wife To Try Pegging !
How To Get My Husband To Try Pegging !
How To Get My Wife To Try Pegging !
How To Get My Husband To Try Pegging !
Stories of Men Spanking Women  Stories of Women Spanking Men
Stories of Women Spanking Women
The way to my boyfriend's heart was through his ass!
read free erotic pegging stories: I finally got my boyfriend to let me use my strap-on dildo on him. I love giving it to my man up the . . . !
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I finally got my boyfriend to take it up the . . .
Anal Play for Heterosexual Couples !
As Sarah Palin would say the "Lame-stream" media has gone to the other side with pegging - Watch This Episode from Shameless - Click Here !
Recently, pegging was featured in the television show Weeds, during the episode "Crush Girl Love Panic," in a scene where Andy Botwin, expecting to have sex with Yael Hoffman in her apartment, is surprised when she refuses to have vaginal sex with him, and dons a large strap on. Even more recently, one of the plot threads begun in the pilot episode of Dirt involved Lucy Spiller blackmailing basketball superstar and "family man" Prince Tyreese for story information on a missing (and murdered, as it is revealed) rap star after entrapping Tyreese with photos of him being pegged by a prostitute, Stormy (played by pornographic actress Stormy Daniels), whom Lucy had hired for precisely such purpose.
Pegging was featured in the television show Weeds.

Why is Pegging Going Mainstream ?
More women dominant (femdom) in bedroom !
Women love role reversal for anal !
More men today are into being submissive!
Couples experimenting in bedroom !
Just a trend !
More information available on pegging !
Men are discovering prostate pleasure!

In a recent poll more than 75% of heterosexual males admitted to anal play ( taking a finger in the ass or having their lover insert a dildo or prostate toy in their butt. Only 17% admitted to actually being penetrated by their lover with a strap-on.
Adult toy sale companies have reported large increases in strap-on purchases by heterosexual couples. The trend has increase each year for the past 10 years.
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Plus because of our poor job market, many women have become the bread-winner and we now have stay at home dads who have taken over the household duties. Not only are they taking care of the kids and preparing the meals they are also bending over in the bedroom. Watch this dominant wife.
Today more couples are open to trying new things in the bedroom and more information is available to heterosexual men about the benefits and pleasure of anal sex. Take our poll tell us what you think !
She was putting something on behind me. to my surprise I felt a finger go up and down my ass crack. I moaned as she said push like you are trying to take a dump. I pushed and her finger went right up my ass hole. She went right for the prostrate because I felt like I could piss a bucket load when she pressed against it. WOW. next thing I knew my face was pushed into the bowl and her 11 inch dong was up in my ass punishing me.

We have done pegging several times and with lots of lube it is fun and pleasurable 
A Surfer shares his first time pegging story with his wife . . . . .
She sucked and spit some more. She commanded me to bath tub were I received a wicked golden shower, face mouth hair every where. She held my cock and said piss. I started pissing and she hosed my face down while I drank my piss. She ordered me to clean up in the shower while she pissed in a bowl. ordered me onto the floor. put bowl in front of me and ordered me to lick piss. I complied.
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Share your First time pegging story !
Heterosexual pegging couple enjoy getting kinky behind closed doors !
Are you a straight couples and would like to engage in anal play - then you have come to the right place. Anal play will be a very pleasant surprise to your husband and you will enjoy it also. It will give your husband awesome orgasms and you will enjoy the feeling of taking your sex life to another level.
Pegging and today's woman
Today's Woman Enjoys Pegging !
Many said because of the success of the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy, heterosexual couples are experimenting with kink, bondage and pegging behind closed doors.
Women today enjoy pegging. In terms of physical pleasure, women can get direct stimulation from the base of the dildo, or in the case of a double-ended dildo, from vaginal penetration. A woman can use a secondary vibrator, between the dildo and her clitoris, to also get pleasure from pegging.
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Pegging & Today's Woman !
Surfer's Top Ten Pegging Videos !
I did my research, bought my first strap-on and ordered plenty of lube. Then, i surprised by husband one night and now he's my bitch !He talked me into giving him anal shortly after we got married 8 years ago, now i'm checking out his hersey highway !Feeldoe Pegging. Women love strapless pegging becasue pleasure is gauranteed while pleasing husband or boyfriend.My husband wanted a threesome, so i agreed on one condition. Guess what it was ?
Posted 9 - 25 - 2013
My Pegging Thoughts !
Karen D.
Recommended Reading for Straight Couples Pegging for the First Time !
Submit To Her Will. A practical guide to establishing a successful female led relationship
[Kindle Edition]
Must read kindle books for straight couples who are curious about pegging . . .
Today women are calling the shots in the bedroom !
Pegging my man in the shower - click here !
Amateur Pegging Videos !
Anal play for heterosexual couples !
Watch our video that will introduction you to anal play !
Pegging 101 ------------------------------------------------------------
Straight Couples Role Play Behind Closed Doors
I was dressed In a halloween costume,a maid with stockings and panties and bra. my girlfiend got me on my knees on the floor flipped my dress up over my ass,pulled my black pantties down,and and slowly pushed a 8 inch doc johnson vacu lock strapon dildo up my ass.I came alot hands free all over the floor she got off just over the fact she had a dick on and was totaly in control,It was hot and we do it like that every now and then.
Picture Of The Month !
I'm a dominant wife in the bedroom. I love giving and receiving anal, I'm a "freak" in the bedroom. Rate my sexy ass picture - click here !
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Posted 10 - 3 - 2013
Straight Wives & Girlfriends Modeling Their Strap-ons !
I loved it! still love it, she said can i toy you, I tried and love it more than anything.
Posted 10 - 8 - 2013
i was with my girlfreind in bed. we were in a 69 position and she started rimming me, first time.
Rimmed & toyed by my gf
We started with kinky role play. I was a burglar that begged her not to call the cops and I would do  what ever she wanted. She started with me getting naked. she sucked my cock, got a mouth full of spit and opened my mouth and spit it into my mouth and all over my face.
She went right for the prostate . . .

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Many think women today are asserting their dominancy in all areas of life and career and are now taking control in the bedroom.
Top Ten Pegging Stories !
Straight Couples !
Submit to her will by kitty williams
As more and more women assume positions of authority both in their working life and in their personal life, there is a growing interest in couples establishing relationships where the female takes the lead.

Kitty Williams explores this growing phenomenon in her new book, peppered with examples from people already enjoying successful female led relationships. Kitty looks at the changing roles of men and women in society, the need for men to find a meaningful role in this new world order, and the benefits that a female led relationship provide for both men and women.

Topics covered include power exchange, emasculation, chastity, punishment and domestic arrangements. Kitty also looks at how some couples have pushed the boundaries, with their relationship gradually evolving and intensifying over time to the point that it bares little resemblance to a marriage in the conventional sense.

A must read - click here >>>>

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Hot erotic interracial stories. You will love the picture gallery !
Pegging Movies !
Pegging 4: A Strap On Love Story
Strap-On Idol
The Best Of Strap Attack
Pegging 4: A Strap On Love Story
The Best Of Strap Attack
Amateur Pegging Videos !
Strapon Idol !
Are You Feeldoe Pegging ?
My gf texted me the other day and said gf you have got to try feeldoe pegging. I had no idea what she was talking about and she texted the link to this movie Strap Attack 8 and told me to checkout scene 2 starring Flower Tucci.

I have never met a dildo, I did'nt like and yes, after watching this clip, I knew, I had to order a feeldoe online.

Hey, feeldoe will bring out the Kink in you, this feeldoe is fantastic as a personal vibrator. Add your favorite gal pal and you've got a party. Checkout the movie - click here > > > !
order your feeldoe online today !
watch strap-on Idol !
The Feeldoe is quite a popular sex toy for pegging couples !
So this is why feeldoe is so popular for straight couples into pegging. It's the perfect toy to get both the giver and the receiver off.
Watch sexy Amy Reid penetrate the rear end of her co-star Christan XXX with here feeldoe. This clip is from scene 4 of the movie Pegged: The Best of Strap Attack (Disc 1) - click here !
watch strap-on Idol !
watch strap-on Idol !
Strap On Couple:
Dirty, Wet And Intimate Fun With Zora And Zane
A pegging couple and their doiuble-headed dildo !
This is a must see porn movie - click here !
MILF Strap 2 - Give Mommy Your Ass!
This is why "straight guys" are into anal play !
On a scaleof 1 thru 10 this is a +20 - a must see movie - click here !
watch strap-on Idol !
watch strap-on Idol !
Sexy Pegging Diva Britany Andrews !
Strap Attack 4 2007 AVN Award Winner for Best Specialty Release - Fem-Dom Strap-On. Click Here !
Amateur Strap-on Couple !
watch strap-on Idol !
Strap On Couple - Trinity X Fucks John X In The Ass
Secretly, many women fantasize about doing their men with a strap on. Many men also fantasize about having their women do them with a strap on. Click here !
Strap For Teacher 3 interracial pegging - taking it from the student - click here !
Interracial Pegging !
are u feeldoe pegging - try buy a feeldoe today
The Feeldoe is quite a popular sex toy for pegging couples !
A pegging couple and their doiuble-headed dildo !
This is why "straight guys" are into anal play !
Sexy Pegging Diva Britany Andrews !
Amateur Strap-on Couple !
Interracial Pegging !
pegging humor
Husband and Wife share a double headed dildo together.
double-headed dildo for pegging couples
When it comes to anal play or pegging your ass which sex toy would you prefer. We would like for you to assign a number order. We want you to rank each toy with your #1 toy for anal pleasure receiving a 1, your next choice a 2- your,  3rd choice a 3, your 4th choice a 4 and your 5th choice a 5 and then click the submit button.
Strap-on harness with vaginal plug !
Butt plug or dildo without vibration !
Prostate massagers & stimulators !
Double-headed dildo !
Feeldoe !
sex toy survey
Are you a dominant wife in the bedroom ? - click here ! Are you a submissive male in the bedroom ? - click here !
LISTEN ! Quiet, I'm taking your ass !
Pegging! Would you dare to try it ?
Hi everyone,

In today's article I'm sheding some light on the technique of pegging and what it involves for both partners.
Did you know that pegging can actually influence the way men look at relationships and how they react towards their partners' need? Read this for more details - click here !
You'll also find confessions of people who have tried pegging. Curious? Go here to find out more: click here !
This program teaches couples how to master the art of anal stimulation and anal sex. Read more: click here !
sex toys on sale
sexy wife modeling her strap-on harness !
You In a Female Led Relationhip ?
I simply love my iphone & kindle because it allows me to read anytime and anywhere. As you know, I love sex and it would be natural that I love reading sexual literature.
Yes, I love reading sex erotica, but I also love exploring my sexuality by exploring new topics and taboo.s.
I have found a great read by Georgia Ivey Green, author of How To Set Up An FLR (kindle).
Are you in a consensual female-dominant relationship ?
This book is meant to be a definitive guide to Female Led Relationships. If you are interested in starting an FLR this book will help. Though there is no objectionable language used in the writing of this book, it does deal explicitly with various aspects of sexuality including, but not limited to, BDSM. If you have ever thought about trying an FLR, or have tried and failed, you need this book.

It will show both men and women how to approach your partner, how to create an agreement, how to take control, how to maintain control and how to avoid major pitfalls of any relationship, FLR or not, and even have some fun doing it. It will help you overcome fears and guilt of being in charge. Whether you are married, living together, or just dating, the information in this book can help you determine what type of relationship suits you best. Whether that happens to be male or female led, makes no difference. The principles are the same.

More couples are in
female led relationships !
Female Led Relationships !
Female Led Relationship !
DOMINANT WOMEN: Watch how other doms tease, torment, and control their submissives!
69 SHADES OF RED: Volume 2 includes tantalizing tips on how to train your submissive partner to serve you day AND night!, tips on Female Led Relationships / FLR, Domestic Discipline, Mistresses, Dominatrix, Submissive Men, BDSM, S&M, Role Play, Femdom Relationships, Sexual Dominance, Cuckholding, Polyamory, and much more - click here !
Girls, I was just ten percent into the book when I started to get wet. By the time I flipped to eleven percent I had that old familiar glow in my clit. As a single girl, I know how to solve that problem. I have always wanted to be a femdom and get a lot deeper into BDSM.

This book sort of gives you a roadmap to female domination. My next purchase is going to be a strapon. I think that they should always be a surprise. As a mistress femme. The author gets pretty explicit in this story. It was the kind of explicit that is more a turn on than a turn off. She hits the nail quite a few times.

The humiliation she heaps on her husband is great. It shows just what a dominant women is capable of with submissive men. I like short stories about BDSM and the hot sex that goes hand in hand with the fetish. I look forward to the next story and hope that the author will include other fetishes in the collection.
Dominant Women Submissive Men (Femdom BDSM Stories) [Kindle Edition]
You will find, chastity, rewards, punishment & discipline, CBT, milking, fantasies, Cross-dressing, humiliation, bi-sexuality, cuckolding, games you can play, and much more all in this one, concise guide. If you have ever been curious about exactly what an FLR is or what it can do for your relationship, you owe it to yourself, and your partner, to read this book.
Cross-dressing, humiliation, bi-sexuality, cuckolding . . .
Straight couples pegging !
FemDom Pegging!
Role play with Mistress Selena ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
femdom pegging
Strapon Princess!
Strapless Pegging!
Pegging My Man!
Strap-on Gallery
Pegging Movies!
Rate Pegging Movies ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
Strap-on wivies/gf picture gallery ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
Preparing your man for pegging ! ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
Strapless pegging with feeldoe ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
Make a date with the strapon princess ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
the strapon princess !
strapless pegging with feeldoe
Preparing your man for pegging !
strap-onn pegging gallery
watch HD quality pegging movies !
today more straight couples are pegging !
Strap-on wivies/gf picture gallery ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
My boyfriend wanted me to penetrate his ass with my big toy !- <a href="">Click here !</a>Straight couples are pegging in the bedroom at record numbers ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>Pegging is trending in bedrooms across America !- <a href="">Click here !</a>Wivies & gf's who love strap-on sex with their men !- <a href="">Click here !</a>Dominant women & submissive males ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>Dressing for a pegging, erotic pegging stories ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>The night I let my wife peg me ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
Pegging Quiz !
Pegging Couples !
Pegging Is Trending !
I Love Pegging My Boyfriend !
Dominant Women & Submissive Men
Dressing for a Pegging !
Anal Play for Couples !