My Boyfriend found my strap-on, then asked if I would fuck him in the ass !
Pegging - The act of intercourse where a woman inserts a strap-on dildo into the anus of a man.
Women Are Wearing Strap-ons In The Bedroom !
Buying My First Strap-on for Pegging My Husband !
Convincing Your Partner To Try Pegging !
Tristan Taormino's  - How To Peg Your Man.
Women Are Wearing Strap-ons In The Bedroom !
Buying My First Strap-on for Pegging My Husband !
Convincing Your Partner To Try Pegging !
Put The "Spark" Back Into Your Sex Life !  
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Need A Packer Harness?
A couple of weeks ago I was helping a girlfriend move. While upstairs packing I opened her nightstand and there was a strapon staring back at me. She walked by at just the same time and smiled and said “isn’t that a beautiful bling harness”. Later that afternoon she explained that her husband had been on the receiving end for several years and it was very fulfilling for of them.
That night I told my husband about it in bed and was shocked when he said “they have all the fun”. Wow that wasn’t what I expected. We talked more and he told me he had wanted us to do it but didnt know how to bring it up. Well there it was so I began to research it over several days and decided to buy a strapon.
I Decided To Buy A Strap-on To Peg My Husband !
His reaction to being pegged was really hot! He truly enjoyed the pleasure it gave him I was really turned on by his response. We now enjoy this regularly and both feel our intimacy has gone way up. I encourage you to talk to your husband about this because he has probably already gone there.
My husband loves watching me walk around the house wearing my strap-on !
Pegging Q & A !
1. How long does it usually take a man to come pegging?
Pure physical sensation is a common reason. Pegging is an excellent way to stimulate the prostate gland, which can be hard to reach with fingers alone. Men report getting "intense orgasms" from pegging. Many couples find that male-on-top is the best position to start with, as having no sensation in the operative part makes controlling placement more difficult for the woman.

Just like for women and anal sex, it is going to take awhile for your man to get relaxed and enjoy pegging. Pegging will enrich your relationship. Also, many strap-ons provide clitoral stimulation so that the female partner is also being stimulated while using the strap-on on her partner. Practice makes perfect. the orgasms will come - enjoy pegging !
2. What are the best positions for pegging?
If you do want to go for something where you have complete control, a doggy-style position might be better. Bending him over the side of the bed from kneeling can be good if you’re worried about knocking him over with your enthusiasm.
I will admit, i am one of the rare women who really enjoys anal sex. When I was growing up a good girl, i  didn't even talk about it.  But now I love watching videos of woman doing it to men. I've really gotten into pegging. If you've been thinking about getting a strap-on, get it! If you haven't enjoyed pegging or strap-on sex in the past, get the spareparts joque harness, it will change your mind. It is truly high quality, comfort, control and all out sexy wrapped into one. Buy it and you and your partner will be thrilled you did! Watch the video - click here !
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