My Boyfriend found my strap-on, then asked if I would fuck him in the ass !
Pegging - The act of intercourse where a woman inserts a strap-on dildo into the anus of a man.
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Couples Guide To Pegging !
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Pegging Fact: 20% of married couples have tried pegging at least once. The hottest selling couples sex toy is a harness and dildo !
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More heterosexual couples are practicing pegging in the bedroom. Pegging is a growing trend that has gone mainstream. Guys It's Ok To Have Anal Sex With Your Wife or Girlfriend !
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No way, I think that is a crazy question. My bf and i have an open relationship and we are both just kinky in bed. I just graduated from playing with his ass with my dildo to wearing a strap-on.
We've been married for 6 years and have two kids, I definetly say No. Pegging is just a way of keeping things interesting in the bedroom. It was my fantasy to use a strap-on taking my man from the rear!
No. We are swingers and we are just into trying new stuff in the bedroom. My husband's "Mistress" introduced me to strap-on sex. I love receiving and giving when it comes to anal sex !
No, it's just the way we play. I'm very dominate in the bedroom that is just my nature. My boyfriend is a very strong man out of the bedroom. In the bedroom he belongs to me. You know what I mean !
We're married but we're bi-sexual. So my answer to that question is No. A guy is either into anal sex with his wife or girlfriend or is into anal sex with a guy. That is just how it works in my opinion.
No, It's my preference to be with a guy that will let me take him in the ass with my strap-on. I'm simply into my sexuality and sex in general and i look for a guy that thinks the same way i do. I;m just a kinky bitch !
My answer is No. We were pegging before we got married and on our honeymoon i brought all our favorite toys including by favorite strap-on. For our wedding i bought the perfect white dildo for the occasion!
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Pegging the sexual practice of a man being the receiver and the woam the giver with a strap-on !
Today more couples are pegging.  Pegging is where a wife or girlfriend uses a strapon to penentrate and nail her male partners tight ass, Men love it when their anus, rectum and prostate are stimulated, it gives them a huge thrill which makes them want it even more. It is perfectly safe and because you'r egetting nailed in the ass it doesnt mean you are gay!Women find this practice a huge turn on too as they love nothing more than seeing their men enjoying themselves and the wives love the thrill of nailing their men in the ass with huge strapons. Dominatrix and mistresses also use this tecnique on their slaves it gives them the ultimate power and pleasure of seeing their slaves begging for more.
More Couples Are Pegging Today
Pegging is where a wife or girlfriend uses a strapon to penentrate and fuck her male partners tight ass, Men love it when their anus, rectum and prostate are stimulated, it gives them a huge thrill which makes them want it even more. It is perfectly safe and because your getting fucked in the ass it doesnt mean you are gay!
Pegging is sex. That is it plain and simple. Today more couples are practicing pegging because their relationship has evolved. Pegging requires openness and vulnerability between partners because of the role reversal.
Pegging is a place most couples don't want to go. Pegging switches everything up but is very intense and intimate for couples. Introducing your partner to pegging - click here >>>
Couples are finding that pegging makes the moment hot and steamy. Learn more about pegging - watch our pegging video - click here >>>
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Teaching Couples The Act Of Pegging !
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