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But the really big source of pleasure for the guys on GirlsAbuseGuys is the male G-spot. We all know by now that a woman has a G-spot, but most people don't realize that us men have our own equivalent. This is the prostrate. When that little organ is stimulated it can cause intense pleasure sensations. It can even trigger the guy to have an orgasm. It's that powerful.

Many of you will wonder what the woman gets out of the whole deal. And that question is also pretty easy to answer. Many of these strap on dildos are positioned in a way that as she uses it the device rubs against the outside of the clit. This can create pleasurable sensations for the woman, and may even result in her having an orgasm.

Of course, physical pleasure isn't the only reason for a woman to peg her man. There is also a psychological component to talk about. Many women find it sexually satisfying to be able to step outside the boundaries of normal gender roles and fuck her man as if he was a bitch. And many men like the idea of playing with this concept as well, and taking a more submissive role. They aren't homosexual, and they only want to be with women, but they like the idea of playing with gender roles. And if we know anything about anything, that is a perfectly normal thing to do.

Pegging is an act that seems to have gotten a lot of attention recently. And that isn't because it is something new. No, it has been around for centuries. What this latest cultural resurgence does suggest however, is that society is ready to play around with this sexual concept. And that can only mean good things for all involved.

It boils down to one little thing, folks. If you are a fan of pegging sites such as GirlsAbuseGuys, then you should continue to enjoy them guilt free. If you are not familiar with the genre however, then you might want to give it a try. Who knows, you might like it. After all, pegging is hot and that is just the way things are.
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I recently stated the fact that pegging is on the rise among heterosexual couples. This also means that pegging porn sites like I Strap On My Man are also becoming more prevalent. But the question that still lingers in many people's mind is why pegging is so hot. Let's answer that question.

If you look at a pegging porn site such as GirlsAbuseGuys you soon realize that a primary component of pegging is physical pleasure. The guys on sites such as this really enjoy it when their women stick those big strap on dildos up their ass. Why is that the case? Because of the male G-spot folks.

The anus is a muscle that has a ton of nerve endings in it. And I do mean a ton. These nerve endings are the same nerve endings that can be found in the genitals. In fact, many of these nerve endings connect with the genital nerve endings. This can create great pleasure.
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