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My Boyfriend found my strap-on, then asked if I would fuck him in the ass !
Women Are Wearing Strapons In The Bedroom !
Are You Pegging Curious ? Strap-on Sex !
Pegging Goes Mainstream In  The Bedroom !
Everything You Need Know To Peg Your Man !
Pegging Movie Gallery. Watch Wivies Having Strap-on Sex With Their Husbands !
Wives & Girlfriends Speak Out On Whether Their Man Is Gay If He Is Into Strap-on Anal Sex !
Is Your Man Gay, If He Is Into Strap-on Anal Sex ?
Prostate Milking !
No way, I think that is a crazy question. My bf and i have an open relationship and we are both just kinky in bed. I just graduated from playing with his ass with my dildo to wearing a strap-on.
We've been married for 6 years and have two kids, I definetly say No. Pegging is just a way of keeping things interesting in the bedroom. It was my fantasy to use a strap-on taking my man from the rear!
No. We are swingers and we are just into trying new stuff in the bedroom. My husband's "Mistress" introduced me to strap-on sex. I love receiving and giving when it comes to anal sex !
No, it's just the way we play. I'm very dominate in the bedroom that is just my nature. My boyfriend is a very strong man out of the bedroom. In the bedroom he belongs to me. You know what I mean !
We're married but we're bi-sexual. So my answer to that question is No. A guy is either into anal sex with his wife or girlfriend or is into anal sex with a guy. That is just how it works in my opinion.
No, It's my preference to be with a guy that will let me take him in the ass with my strap-on. I'm simply into my sexuality and sex in general and i look for a guy that thinks the same way i do. I;m just a kinky bitch !
My answer is No. We were pegging before we got married and on our honeymoon i brought all our favorite toys including by favorite strap-on. For our wedding i bought the perfect white dildo for the occasion!
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Pegging Picture Gallery !
Pegging Positions
So, finally, come suggestions of positions you might want to try out with pegging. These tend to work really well, because the dynamic of pegging is a bit different than normal sex.

Doggy—The male on all fours. The female comes up behind him and inserts the dildo into him. This can be done with both members on the bed or the male on the bed and the female standing off the bed.

Laying on his back—The male sits on his back and often brings his knees up to his chest. The female either is at the edge of the bed and inserts into him or she is on the bed and just slides down until she can enter him.

Cowboy—The female is on her back with the harness facing up. The male climbs on top and lowers himself onto the dildo. Then sex takes place

Spoon—This is normal spooning sex, except the female is behind the male with the harness on and enters the male. Then you just wiggle back and forth and have sex.
These positions tend to be the favorites from people I know, when it comes to pegging. But there is nothing saying you cannot use any position.

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A couples guide to stimulating the prostate for health and pleasure. Step by step guide.
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SpareParts Theo harness  – G-String Harness
SpareParts Theo harness  – G-String HarnessSpareParts Theo harness  – G-String HarnessSpareParts Theo harness  – G-String Harness
SpareParts Theo harness  – G-String Harness
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What's your fetish ?
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Embracing Kink
How do you find a partner who's into kinky sex? You may already have the answer!

When I met my partner a little over a year ago I had no idea of the sexual journey I was about to take. One thing I learned very quickly is that we were both open minded and into a lot of kink. It was something we discussed before we actually started an official relationship. For us, sex is an important part of life and we wanted to make sure that our partner was fully aware of our wants and needs.

We were both happy to discover that we both wanted to try pegging. We were so interested and excited over it we actually bought a harness and strap-on before we started our sexual relationship. Yes it was a little crazy to do that in hindsight, but we knew it was something we had to try. For us, pegging was just the beginning of our journey into kink.

We’ve tried quite a few new things including humiliation, restraints, chastity play, prostate massage, foot jobs, and more. We love to explore our own wants and interests together. Some have wondered how we are so open to everything we’ve tried.

I'm a bisexual girl in a committed relationship with a bisexual guy. We love sex, sex toys, sex talk, and being sex positive. I personally love some kink with my sex.
by BiLikesSciFi42, edited by darthkitt3n
Published: August 09, 2012
How Do I Convince My Man To Try Pegging !
How Do I Convince My Wife To Try Pegging !
Tracy Clark-Flory is a staff writer at Salon, where she writes about sex and relationships through personal, cultural and scientific lenses. Her work, both as a reporter and personal essayist, has appeared in the yearly "Best Sex Writing" anthology.
Bringing up the rear
Saturday, Mar 26, 2011
Sex experts think that more straight men are exploring a formerly taboo hot spot. We try to get to the bottom of it
By Tracy Clark-Flory
Topics: Pegging, Sex, Gender, Gender Roles, Love and Sex, Life News
I was sitting around the fire pit in my backyard with a handful of straight male friends when drunken conversation inevitably turned to sex. The perverted powwow officially began when one friend, let’s call him Freddy, announced something to the effect of, “Having your prostate milked is awesome.”

I nearly choked on my beer. Someone else chimed in: “It’s the male g-spot.” Another head nodded. A female friend walked into our circle at that moment and nonchalantly volunteered: “Yeah, my ex-boyfriend liked me to stick a finger in his butt.”

Well, then. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard young heterosexual men talking about being on the receiving end of a wandering finger, or female friends dishing on their male partners’ self-directed anal fixation, but the consensus in the room was startling nonetheless. For perhaps the first time in my life, I felt like a sexual square.

Then, a week later, heavily circulated rumors (that have been completely unverified) alleged that R&B singer Usher’s unreleased sex tape showed him on the receiving end of sex with his wife (perhaps wielding a strap-on). It’s no secret that more Americans are having anal sex than ever before: A study published last year in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that more than 45 percent of women in their late 20s had tried anal sex. For my generation, the back-door option is like what the blow job was to the generation that came before — just a fun new taboo waiting to be broken. The phenomenon of heterosexual guys participating in all sorts of arse play is something different, though. I’ve seen female-on-male strap-on sex go from the sort of thing tittered about in women’s magazines to hearing a male friend once drunkenly blurting out in a bar that he loved it.

But I live in San Francisco; my sample is skewed. I set out to find some reliable data on the matter, but no such luck. As Debby Herbenick, a co-author of the study mentioned above and a sexual health educator at the Kinsey Institute, told me: “There is no good national-level data on this topic.” Her research reflected that 11 percent of men in their early 20s reported having been on the receiving end of anal sex. But that survey didn’t specify whether there was a sex toy or penis involved, or if it was oral or digital stimulation.

Without solid stats, the best way to get some perspective on this phenomenon is to talk to sexologists. Charlie Glickman, a Good Vibrations sex educator, told me that he believed “more heterosexual men are discovering prostate and anal play with their female partners than ever before.” His colleague Carol Queen, a staff sexologist, says, “Lots of guys don’t talk about [it], but do it anyway,” and “plenty of heterosexual men include anal penetration in masturbation at least sometimes.” In the years after her educational X-rated video “Bend Over Boyfriend” premiered in 1998, it was the shop’s best-selling tape, and the top rental. Tristan Taormino, the sex educator behind several anal-focused porn flicks, including the “Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men,” has noticed that guys are increasingly “feeling safe enough to explore their fantasies” in this area.
Part of this is due to the practice rising to mainstream awareness. In 2001, popular sex columnist Dan Savage held a contest to come up with a slang word to describe the act. The winner was “peg” (the runner-up was “bob,” as in “bend over boyfriend”). It’s a lot easier to talk about when you have a cute verb to describe it. Another major factor is that the stigma of receptive anal play as “a gay thing” has been somewhat lessened. I’ve seen defensively heterosexual guys boast about prostate stimulation; these are the kind of guys I’ve actually heard use the irritating I’m-not-gay qualifier “No homo” (as in, “I like your shirt — no homo”) — before I wallop them over the head. They haven’t adopted a more fluid understanding of sexual orientation or anything; they’ve just welcomed a new form of stimulation into their definition of acceptable straight sex. As Carol Queen joked, “I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve had to explain that it is the gender of the partner rather than the sex act desired that speaks to a person’s sexual orientation.”

It might also have something to do with a loosening of gender roles and what it means to be masculine. As my friend, and a fellow writer, Isaac Fitzgerald wrote in his personal essay, “Why I Agreed to Be a Bend-Over Boyfriend”: “My immigrant grandfather thought that clearing the dinner table was a womanly act. I reason that since I clear the table and do the dishes … [this]  doesn’t rob me of my manhood either,” he continued. “For me it wasn’t a sexual orientation thing, or a power thing: It was just a sex thing.” He’s easily one of the most overtly masculine men I know; and, indeed, there’s something macho about a straight man shrugging nonchalantly at the thought of a dildo in the rear.

Sexperts are quick to point out that there are more than just cultural factors at play here — there are also physiological facts. The prostate plays an essential role in ejaculation and is surrounded by two bundles of nerves that men have to thank for hard-ons. As a 42-year-old man told me after waxing philosophical about power dynamics inherent in partnered “p-spot” exploration: “The screaming orgasms are nice as well.” Oh right, those.

When I pressed my friend Freddy, a 30-year-old straight guy, for details, he said that he had received “oral stimulation” and “curious finger foreplay,” which he prefers. “The overall experiences have been great, a few ending in some of the most intense orgasms I’ve experienced.” Not all men who dabble see it as a route to toe-curling orgasm. Another 30-year-old man emailed me to say that it’s the psychological thrill that does it for him: “I’ll admit that part of the fun is the adventure of it: ‘I’m totally having weird sex right now and nobody’s judging me and it’s awesome!’ However, I would also say that this is among my least-shared details about my sex life. Only a few of my more progressive friends know about it” — well, until now.
As for the female side of things, my friend, and fellow sex writer, Anna Pulley wrote in a recent piece about her experiences with strapping it on for men: “I felt both amazed and overwhelmed at this steamy subversiveness, something that rarely existed in my normal, day-to-day life.” The 28-year-old tells me, “It’s one of the few acts where I totally want to high-five my partner afterward.” She points out that “men rarely get the opportunity to be vulnerable in sex.” On the flip side, women rarely get the opportunity to be penetrators. Virginia Vitzthum exquisitely described the appeal of taking on the male role in a piece for Salon back in 1999 — before we even called it “pegging”:

   In a way I’d never understood those words before, he was mine. The knowledge I could really hurt this person by being less than careful made me feel responsible, protective. The vulnerability appalled me at the same time; it was vaguely disgusting that he would let someone do this to him. Mixed in with the disgust was possessiveness. The thought of anyone else penetrating him seemed revolting. These observations clicked into place in quick succession; I felt like a projector being loaded with slides of maleness, of male seeing.

While I was reporting this story, a male friend offered up his bum to me — for the sake of my story, of course. I laughed about the exchange to a female friend who replied, “You should totally do it. Have strap-on sex! I’ve wondered about doing that.” She had? Now, she’s no prude, but she certainly isn’t one of my more sexually adventurous friends. But, taboos change, and so do the cultural meanings of particular sexual acts. Just as the gay community has long debated the politics of being a top or a bottom, the hetero world is slowly catching up — or, um, bringing up the rear. As Pulley puts it, “We only have so many orifices. You’d think we’d all be itching to take advantage of them all, right?”
So, I've been reading up on pegging. Found it pretty interesting.

My wife and I tried it once a few years ago. She loved it. I did not. Not enough preparation. As I've said, she's quite sexually shy. It seems like it'll be a one time thing. But I would like to try it again now that we have more experience.

I'm curious though, for the guys and gals that are into pegging, what's the appeal? There definitely seems to be more going on than some prostate stimulation.

In my own experience, my wife enjoyed being the "aggressor" , contrasting with her usually submissive behaviour, and I enjoyed being submissive. Any sexually submissive wives want to comment on that one?

I've also become aware of my deeply closeted bisexual leanings. Maybe that's why I find the whole substitute penis thing attractive. Funny thing though: If you go online and read up on pegging, 99% of the guys there will say "There is absolutely nothing gay about liking pegging. I am 100% heterosexual."

I've also read that some couples enjoy gender play, though I can't relate to that.

Also, any advice on how to not make pegging agonisingly painful?
it's really awesome form of role playing and it feels great. Find Bend Over Boyfriend 2 which is the best. As a man, I'm not into the fake penis oral sex scenes. Yes, I like my wife to use a strap on me but I love going down on her. I love the taste of her vagina. But when she plays with my ass and massages my prostate or makes me bend over it's just incredible. It feels good and the role playing sexual fantasy of being dominated by my wife just makes for great sex. Go for it, make your husband want it!
Check us out if you want to see it first hand at icamz. Search for YummyLovers. LOL.
I can tell you how Marie approached me. She was just open and honest. She told me that thinking about using a strap-on on me was a tremendous turn on for her. She even proved it by showing me how wet she was as she told me about wanting to peg me. I would do or try just about anything for my wife if I thought it would make her happy. Here I am a year later and I can't tell you how happy I am that I agreed to try it. We are actually starting a blog now that can hopefully offer some insight to others.  I really enjoy pleasing my wife, my ass belongs to her.
How did your better half bring up pegging to you ?

Would You Try Pegging Once - To Please Your Sex Partner ?
No --- Period.
Maybe, if I got drunk enough !
I'm into pegging !
Only if she gives me anal sex !

Pegging is very popular online. We do it all the time on webcam for our customers. My husband loves it and I love doing it.
He's definitely not gay, but really loves anal stimulation incuding p-spot massage, rimming and pegging.
Pegging Couple - Live Sex Show !
Communication is a two-way street. If you can be honest, you need to listen to your partner be honest with you. If the conversation doesn’t go the way you wanted, be just as open to that as you wanted your partner to be open with you. Remember that you are asking for open mindedness and respect just as your partner is expecting that from you in return.

However these conversations go, hopefully they can end in a caring and loving way. These talks are about a significant part of your life. It’s important you can share yourself in a safe and trusting way. You are just as responsible for this as your partner.

Mastering these talks can open up so many doors for you and your partner. For us, being open minded means being open to something even if it’s not 100% your thing. Recently my partner asked me to spank his balls. I’ve done this before, but this time he wanted it harder and then still harder. Eventually I was spanking so hard my hand was tiring and stinging a little bit, but he loved every moment of it. To me this was a little scary; I’m not used to hurting him for pleasure. But he asked for it and I listened to what he wanted. In the end, he had a great orgasm and I was happy to have helped give him that pleasure.

Whatever your kink is, there’s a chance your partner might be willing to give it a try. If your goal is to please each other and meet each other’s desires, start talking. Start telling your partner how much you want to provide that pleasure to him or her. Talk and listen. Honesty and communication may be the only things standing in your way to some real kinky sex. Read more:
For us, it’s been about furthering our relationship through communication and honesty. If you’re going to explore your sexual boundaries, you have to be able to discuss everything you want frankly with your partner. Too often I hear from people who cannot admit their desires to their husband/wife/partner. They think it will turn them off or get an automatic shut-down.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of advice to give these people other than to just talk. You can’t force your partner to explore and have an open mind. If they are not into it and not willing to give it a shot then you have a legitimate communication and honesty problem. You have to tell your partner how much you want what you want. Is it really important to you or just a passing interest?
Tracy Clark-Flory
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Pegging Stories, erotic pegging stories, pegging stories for women !
This article is directed to the "soccer mom" who never thought in a million years she would be surfing the internet for information about pegging. Today lots of women want to strap it on, and their male partners are often happy to oblige. Read More:
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