The FeelDoe is the best double-ended dildo we have ever seen! The ribbed area stimulates the clitoris. A groove runs along the bottom of the FeelDoe to allow a 3-strap G-string harness to stabilize the toy very well. It is equally suited for use with 4-strap harnesses. The removable Micro Mini-Massager Vibe is situated in the middle so both parties can enjoy the vibration. This is simply the best double-insertable harness-compatible dildo we know of.
The Vibrating Feeldoe !
Once you’ve decided to make your husband or boyfriend’s strap-on fantasies come true, you need to get the right equipment. You need a sturdy strap-on dildo and a reliable harness to hold it in place. Here are some buying tips to help you pick out the best tool for the job.
Choose quality and style.

Cheap flesh-colored rubber dildos with thin white elastic straps are out; high-quality, brightly colored silicone or jelly dildos with leather or PVC harnesses are in. An ugly strap-on can make you both look and feel cheap, so choose a strap-on and harness that reflect your personal style and make you feel like the queen that you are (and that your partner wants you to be). A corset-style harness is both sexy and serviceable, while a studded leather number makes you a mistress to be reckoned with.
Don’t be a size queen.

At least not at first. If your fella is a backdoor beginner, you need to take things slow and start with a dildo on the smaller side. You can always upgrade to a larger dong if he starts feeling less than satisfied, but trying too much too soon is guaranteed to be uncomfortable for him. A dildo of 5 to 6 inches in length and 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter should be an adequate size for your first strap-on. Go easy on him till you get him broken in.
Soft and smooth, or rough and rugged?

Dildos that are firm but flexible, made of silicone, jelly rubber, or Cyberskin are the most comfortable. Remember that the anal area is very delicate and sensitive, so he will feel every little bump and ridge on your dildo. Beginners may prefer a smooth strap on, such as the Silk models. If your guy wants a rougher ride, go for a dildo with realistic details, or one with a more textured or veined surface.
Curved for his pleasure.

Some dildos have an upward curve or special shape designed to stimulate the prostate. While prostate stimulation can be achieved with a standard dildo, having the angle built in makes it that much easier to hit your guy’s hot spot. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located just in front of the rectal wall a few inches inside the rectum. When stimulated, it can create super-charged orgasms and mega ejaculations. Dildos that are designed for female G-spot stimulation are usually curved in such a way that they can also be used to stimulate the prostate in the male when inserted anally.
Please yourself too.

While many women find fucking a partner with a strap-on arousing, specially designed strap-ons can make the experience as stimulating for you as it is for him. A vibrating strap-on can transmit vibrations to both partners, while some harnesses are designed to position a small vibrator directly over the clitoris. If you enjoy the idea of being penetrated while you penetrate your partner, try a dual strap-on dildo, or a harness fitted with plugs for the wearer.
Don’t forget the lube!

While you’re shopping for toys, don’t forget to pick up some water-based lube, such as KY Jelly, Probe, or Astroglide. It’s a must for any kind of anal intercourse. You may want to try a heavier lube formulated especially for anal penetration, which stays in place better and holds up to friction. If your partner is really concerned about pain or discomfort, you could try a numbing lube like Anal Eze. However, if the receptive partner is relaxed and anal penetration is performed correctly, there should be no pain or lasting discomfort.
Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Hollow Strap-On
Fetish Fantasy Strapless Strap On Vibrating
Fetish Fantasy Strapless Strap On Vibrating
Get hands-free stimulation and hot, face to face sex with the Vibrating Strapless Strap-on. Cleverly curved at just the right angle, this strap-less double dildo stays inside the wearer with each passionate thrust. The ribbed, bulbous plug stimulates the driver's g-spot, while the long, smooth shaft delivers incredible vibrations to her partner. A bullet is strategically placed in the smooth tip of the shaft, delivering powerful pulsations strong enough to satisfy you both. The ergonomically designed dildo stays in place when the action heats up, allowing you to enjoy hands-free penetration without a harness or strap. It's great for both women and men can be used with either end in the vagina, anus or hand. Use plenty of Moist lubricant for an extra wet, extra wild encounter. Best of all, cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. Watch our Video: Click Here !
Fetish Fantasy Elite Vibrating Double Delight Strap-On
Fetish Fantasy Elite Vibrating Double Delight Strap-On
Fetish Fantasy Elite Vibrating Double Delight Strap On Purple. When your fetish-play demands the best materials possible, only the Fetish Fantasy Elite line will do! Made from 100% medical-grade Elite Silicone, this ultra-premium collection is body-safe, hypo- allergenic, and sculpted to excite. Elite Silicone quickly warms to body temperature and conforms to the body's contours, giving users the most realistic stimulation ever imagined. Double dong is phthalate-free, latex-free, nonporous and the safest sex toy material on the market today! Double your pleasure and double the fun with this incredible dual-ended strap-on. One end of the silicone dildo stimulates the wearer while the other end pleases your partner. Both silicone shafts are cleverly curved to hit all the right spots. Choose a speed that's right for you both and let the powerful vibrations whisk the two of you away. Seven thrilling pulsation patterns tease and please your senses, while the comfortable silicone harness stay is in place when the action heats up. Every strap of the silicone harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes. To adjust, just slide the straps until the waistband is snug and the thigh straps feel tight, then connect the plastic Smart Clips in the back by hooking them together. The straps won't move and won't come loose during the heat of the moment. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. Use plenty of Moist lubricant for an extra wet, extra wild encounter. Watch our Video >>>
1. Get a smaller size dildo to start with. Girls are always afraid that they are going to hurt their guy and worrying about that is very distracting. It's hard to have fun when you are constantly worrying about whether you are going to hurt him. If you use a smaller dildo you can rest assured that you can't hurt him, and that will really make the experience a lot more fun for both of you. There are some "kits" that come with two dildos - a small one and a slightly bigger one. These are good to start with. Juli Ashton Anal Beginner Kit.
2. After you have him into position, simply lube up  a butt plug and slide it in (slowly and gently).  Don't talk - don't ask him a bunch of questions. If he says anything, listen to him, but don't keep asking him a bunch of questions like "Like this?" "Is this ok?" "I'm not hurting you am I?" If he is uncomfortable he will let you know. Otherwise, assume that he is just fine.  For the first time use pleanty of lube - click here !
3. Relax and have fun when you lube up your strap-on.  Don't worry about whether he is enjoying it or not. Girls always do that - they worry way too much about whether he likes it or whether it feels good to him. We (the guys) can tell that you are thnking that and it is distracting. We get turned on when you are having fun back there. So relax and focus on your enjoyment. He will tell you if it doesn't feel good or he wants you to stop.
3 Easy Steps To Pegging . . .
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Oh my God, this is so fucking hot…..I am getting wet at the sight of fucking your tight little ass, I am getting wet and the power and control I have over you right now, I just love hearing you moan and yell how much you love being fucked in the ass and how good it feels, oh God, we are going to do this lots and lots honey, and I already know which strapon I am buying for next time, just to give me even more control and power.
I love pegging my boyfriend . . .
How Do I Pick Out A Strapon & Harness !
Pegging T.V.
The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Strap-On Sex
The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Strap-On Sex
A witty and well-informed guide to strap-on play — with fun, practical ideas couples can start using tonight!

Feeling adventurous? Sex educator and best-selling writer Violet Blue guides readers through the pleasure playground of strap-on sex for heterosexual couples. The wild success of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women and The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men makes it clear that anal sex is hitting the mainstream. Lots of hot women want to strap it on, and their male partners are often happy to oblige. With style and wit, Violet Blue explains pleasure anatomy in men, with ample attention to the prostate gland — the epicenter to male orgasm that’s been called “the male G-spot.” Full of crafty ideas on positions, toys, harnesses, role-play scenarios, and reading your partner like a dirty book, The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Strap-On Sex offers a step-by-step guide to making sparks fly. And look, ma! No hands. More >>> !