I want to peg my boyfriend !
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I would love for my wife to want to include anal play in our sex life, but she does not seem too interested. I am not attracted to men,but I sure like my Butt played with. And I would let her insert a strap on. but it needs to turn her on, too. We have good sex and she is ok with me masturbating, which I love, but the anal on me part would increase my pleasure levels. Read more >>>
Im a very open straight girl and when my bf FINALLY admitted that he liked his butt played with I jumped on it. I love to be dominant! And he just took it in stride. We got a strap on and I fucked him like crazy but before that we just would use toys and explored different things.

My boyfriend is straight and not even bi-curious lol and what’s funnier is he is a rough and tough country boy cage fighter.

I love fucking my boyfriend and he loves being fucked.
I think it makes sex that much better when you can both trade off back and forth
Ive been with my husband for nearly 20 years. We’ve always had a good sex life, trying new things. He’s been having anal with me for years & occasionally asked me to pop a finger in him. He recently ordered some new toys & I was shocked to see a strapless strapon amongst them!!! Well it was a massive turn on to wear it & we both had some of the best sex ever. I am looking forward to continuing our anal adventures…
Me and my partner bought a strap on last year and so far it has just stayed under the bed! Im determined to use it but hes panicking about being clean. We have an honest relationship and he can talk to me about anything but this is a real sticking point, ive tried telling him that any ‘accidents’ that do happen can be easily ignored but he still wont. We have lots of dildo’s and vibrators to use but he wont even let me use a finger

I just want to make him happy x Learn more >>>

I want to peg my boyfriend !

Today 3 out of 4 Heterosexual Couples Have Tried Pegging !

by fonda on 11/13/12

Today the #1 selling sex toy for couples is a strap-on harness set. Heterosexual couples are expanding their sex play to include "ass play", which has led to more couples trying pegging. Pegging is simply heterosexual couples having strap-on sex with the female doing the giving and man the taking. It's just role reversal sex play in the bedroom.

So tell me - who was the first to bring up pegging in your relationship?

I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

How do I get my wife interested in anal play ?

by fonda on 08/05/12

I would love for my wife to include anal sex play into our sex life. I'm not attracted to men, but i really love to have my butt played with and i would love to have her use the strapon that i bought her. We attempted to use it once but she told me she just was not into it. She says she gets nothing out of it even though i enjoy it and i want it. Should i continue to play with my ass myself or leave her and find someone into ass play?

How do I get my boyfriend to let me use my strap-on on him !

by fonda on 08/05/12

I know i'm not the only woman with this problem so i'm seeking a little advise. How can i talk my husband into stop being so "mancho" and to let me get off with my fanatasy of fucking his cute little ass. I have licked his butt hole and lubed my finger and played with his ass but he straws a line when it comes to me and my strap-on. Are there any straight guys out there that can give me some advise?

Ask Fonda
Any gals out there that have “pegged” their husband? My husband and I saw a porn movie a few weeks ago and in one scene the woman used a strapon on her husband. I found it so stimulating and noted that my husband had a huge erection and was smiling.

So, how do I get started?
Are you pegging curious? Got a question about pegging let us know and will post your question for our surfers to give you an answer. This way you will get a broad range of suggestions to gain further insight into couples pegging.
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This Month's Question: I would love to expand anal play with my husband but he's not really  receptive to the idea of me fucking him with my strap-on.  What's a girl to do, i'm despartely wanting to peg my man. This many help you - click here !   Convincing My Partner To Try Peging - Click Here !
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I love fucking my boyfriend and he loves being fucked.
I would love for my wife to want to include anal play in our sex life . . .
Introduce your wife to Feeldoe.
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My Feeldoe . . .
My strapon stays under the bed . . .
Pegging Curious . . .
I love it up the ass, my girlfriend really likes it. I have never been attracted to men. Really there is something sexy about a woman wearing a strapon and taking you in the bedroom every now then. I love it and think it's cool to see so many women into it
Pegging just part of our sex life . . .
My wife was after me to do it for a long time. I finally gave in. The expierience was fantastic. i kick myself for not lettinbg her do it sooner
She does me a couple of times a month with different sizes and blindfolds me, so I don't know which one she is going to use.
I love pegging . . .
I would really like to do that fuck a man real hard and show him how it feels to have a cock up the ass thats so hot to me to fuck a guy hard up the ass :)
i would love to fuck a guy up the ass . . .
I would LOVE to try that! My friend told me she got back ache from fucking her husband lol. I think it would be hot. x
Pegging, sounds great . . .
I would definitely like to experience that feeling of being filled and fucked with a strap-on !!
Where do I sign up ?
i would love the experience . . .
I think initially it was my idea (the wife). It use to be one of my hottest of hot button to think about (or actually do it) "making" him do something like suck my strap on or pushing him down over something and ramming it home. Incidently, he surely does not appear to be someone who would do that, he is 6 2, in shape 210 and generally very outdoorsey in appearance. When I do either of those I can come quickly and just as hard as a guy might.

Since I would get sooooooo excited by it all, he fed off my excitement and quickly got in the moment himself. We did this strictly for the lust of it all, no thought to control or humiliate, etc
I absolutely love it! I come more quickly and intensly from being pegged than from anything else. My GF and I do lots of other stuff, but we peg 3 or 4 times a month. We're using a Feeldoe Stout now and she comes just as hard I do. My favorite is face to face with a pillow under my hips and my legs wrapped around her back. My manhood rubs against her taught belly as the shaft penetrates me and it feels amazing.
My wife and I love pegging. We have "Pegging Saturday" every week. Once both people are comfortable with the scenario, she's had some practice in how to be the penetrator, and he's had some practice taking it, it becomes mind blowing. The orgasms are the most intense you can have, the naughtiness of it all is intoxicating, and the role reversal spices up the relationship. Pegging rocks.
Yes, My wife pegs me regular and I love it. She talks dirty to me and that is a real turn on. She has even suggested I try anal sex with a guy. Don't know if I wil because I am straight. It was my girlfriend.
Its taken many years to feel comfortable asking a partner to try this with me. You have to be completley honest and open to enjoy the benefits. But when you do, its amazing for both involved. We wish we'd started earlier and I wish I had asked earlier.
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Who Asked First !
Who Asked First !
Pegging My Husband For The First Time !
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I am interested in doing this for my husband but cannot get past wearing a phallic device, any other ideas to do him?
Hey don't worry as a first timer you are not alone. A lot of couples start out with the thigh strap-on. This way your husband controls penetration. And you will soon enjoy watching your huband get off ! Additionally you may want to give him the perfect blow job while fingering his ass - learn more !
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Jaiya On Anal Play for Men  Prostate Milking !
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Pegging for the First Time . . . . .
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pegging is the best sex my wife and I have ever had.
i love pleasing my bf with my strap-on, i'm really into kink !
we just do our thing behind closed doors, its what we get off on !
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