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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl:
by Lillie Lovely, edited by Ivy Wilde
Published: August 03, 2012
How can I tell you who I am in the cam world, if you don't know who I am for real. I want to show you everything involved in being a Cam Girl. And by everything, I mean who I am, what I do, and who (and what) I deal with. So from now on, I am going to be doing 3 part articles. I hope you enjoy!
1) Cam Whore me: I'm like, the Super Whore of Cam Whores!
Okay, so let's get this out of the way right now. The picture up there? Yeah, not even close to what I look like. But it was hot, and it looked 'porny', so I picked it! In fact, I am the total opposite of that picture. Dark hair, dark eyes, freckles, dark make-up, and apparently in high demand.
My price gets set based on my mood... and occasionally the viewers I deal with. For example, I may be in a great mood one night. I've just paid all my bills for the month so I'm not hurting for money, and I think to myself,"What the hell?" Might as well drop the price and gain a few more followers that might never come in my room at my normal price. So I lower my price and meet a few people, until some major dick comes in and messes with me.

Now by a major dick, I don't mean he is showing me something big in cam to cam. I mean that he is a real fucking douche bag, the kind of guy that you just can't stand to talk to. That's when my mood shifts, and I tell him, "Listen fucker, you are just too moronic to talk to for such a low price. If I am going to be forced to lose IQ points talking to you, I'm doubling my price." And of course, since he is a moron, he agrees.

And then you have the avid fans that come to see you the same nights each week for the same amount of time each session, and in most cases you just keep the price the same for them. Occasionally, I even enjoy talking to them. I might even lower my price on special occasions, or when I am in a shiny, happy, rainbow chasing mood.

I even have a guy that comes in, and OH MY GOD! This guy is so beautiful and sexy, and has such an extreeeeemely large dick, that I just know that even if I worked very very hard, I probably still wouldn't be able to take it all on the first try! And his wallet is even bigger! Now this man, he is just great. In every way that counts. I have been talking to him for two years, and we fall deeper in (virtual) love every time we visit. If I weren't such a realistic and cup half empty kind of person, I would totally accept his paid trip to Australia to see him. But alas, I cannot hide -- intro to the next section -- the real me!
2) The real me: Just call me... Mom.

To every north, there is a south, to every east, a west. And in this case, the flip side of this Cam Girl is... a stay at home mother of three. A 29 year old woman that not only is a single mother, but also cares for a live-in ailing father with the big C. Not everything can be a fantasy world. Maybe that's why I adore my job so much now, whereas ten years ago I would have probably turned my nose up at it. Okay, so I have never really been the kind of person to shun anyone or anything. But I would have been so much more reserved, and the chances of getting me to do half the shit I do now would have been slim to none.

Now my real life isn't as dry and depressing as it sounds. My home is filled with laughter and family. A regular happy-go-lucky family. Now. It took me years to get this far. When you are sitting there reading about my job and the stuff that I do for money, you might consider it prostitution of some sort. Well, I suppose it kind of is. All I know is... The money I make doing those dirty deeds? It pays the rent, keeps the lights on and provides a happy life for my children.

I have had to deal with so many things in the past that this is a fucking cake walk! I am finally divorced from an ex-husband who loved me with all his heart, and who would sweep me off my feet one minute, then punch me in the mouth and choke me out in the next. I dealt with it everyday for eight years until one day my oldest daughter saw. Then I dropped him off at the homeless shelter where his lame ass belonged. Two years later, he is still there. A total piece of shit, that I loved with all my heart and desired to be with forever. But we will save all that for a later time.

I am a strong woman. Only the strong survive in a world like mine. A world with two faces, two completely different people, in one body. But I do it for my family, and that is all that matters.

  3) What I do: I'm not your wife! I'm not your wife!

Now onto the fun stuff. For the last part of each article, I am going to give you a taste of what I do.

Lets start with Mr. Willpower! Obviously I can't use real names, which these dumb fucks are stupid enough to tell me. But you women will either LOVE or HATE this man. As for me, probably because he is not MY husband, I give him props. He comes to me three nights a week on average to fulfill his fantasy of cheating on his wife -- something he has told me over and over he would never do -- with a much younger woman. Now this is the important part, he is in his mid 60's, as is his wife, and they just hit their 41st wedding anniversary.

The scenario is always the same. He comes into my session, and he turns on his camera so I can see him. He is always dressed in a very business looking manner, and we act as if we are meeting in a bar by chance. There is no typical,"Hey, how is your week going?" greeting, even though this has been going on for about 6 months. I must always act as if this is the first time we are meeting.

We start with some small talk, making up shit as we go along, and then he walks me to my car or takes me in an alley or bathroom or whatever his sexy fantasy is this time, and we fuck like it's our first time. Now obviously I am doing my own work and he is doing his, but he loooooooves it. We just go on and on, for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how much he is enjoying the session. And then my job comes into play...

I look directly in the camera, and I keep chanting in a somewhat creepy whisper,"I am not your wife, fuck me harder. I am not your wife, fuck me good..." over and over and over, until he blows his load in a somewhat untidy manner all over himself.

After that, we go back to our normal selves and chat for a minute while he cleans himself up. Then we say goodbye until the next time. Job done. Cha-Ching!


Now, some people might consider that cheating. Others might think that Mr. Willpower is doing a good thing by turning to role-playing porn to satiate a thirst that could otherwise ruin his marriage and life. But for a man who has not actually cheated on his wife in 40 years, I give him props for his imagination and willpower.

So, do you consider this cheating? Leave a comment with your thoughts on this subject, and whether Mr. Willpower is doing right or wrong in your opinion. Do you think he is cheating? Is it the same or different than going to pick up a prostitute or some woman sitting in a bar somewhere and getting his rocks off? After all, he is spending money, seeing a woman in the flesh, and only the flesh, and getting his rocks off.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the matter!

Until the next time! This session is officially over!
Confessions of a cam girl . . .
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LeLu Love
The Internet's Most Interactive Sex Star
I'm Lelu Love, and I know it's cliche, but I really am just a normal girl with a sex site. An average day for me might consist of waking up, answering emails, going to dog training, working out, doing a live sex show on my site, then watching a movie and going to bed. That's why I love the term sex star that my Lovin's have helped me come up with. I've always been very sexually open, and it's great to now have my site as an outlet and pretty much a documentary of my sex life.
I was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on August 1, 1987, and I now live in Tampa, Florida. I lost my virginity very young at about 12 or 13 and experimented with a bunch of different sex partners and situations over the years. I've had sex with girls and even dated them, but we are way too much work and drama!! lol I was in an on and off relationship for several years and got in a lot of trouble through my teen years.
I have a very addictive personality and struggled with drug addiction to just about anything I could get my hands on. I started smoking cigarettes and drinking before I was even a teenager. I went through a lot of the awful things that come with drug abuse and the people I was surrounding myself with: fights, death threats, suicide attempts, etc.
With all of the drama and pain, I didn't value myself like I should have, which lead to meaningless sex for validation and overeating until I weighed 200 pounds at only 5'5".
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