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Three years on and it's still our favorite for pegging - <center><a href="">Click Here !</a></center>Strap Up And Peg Away - <center><a href="">Click Here !</a></center>Finally, pleasure for two! - Our pegging fantasy - <center><a href="">Click Here !</a></center>One of our favorites! - <center><a href="">Click Here !</a></center>The Feeldoe Slim is a fantastic way to experience strap-on sex... without a harness !  - <center><a href="">Click Here !</a></center>Realistic Pegging - <center><a href="">Click Here !</a></center>A cock of my own  - <center><a href="">Click Here !</a></center>
Feeldoe Pegging !
Couple the innovative silicone Feeldoe with a single - or double-strap harness, and both partners will experience the thrill of penetration simultaneously.

The chunky plug-like end is built for the comfort and G-spot stimulation of the one wearing the harness. For further pleasure, three small ridges located at clit level provide something bumpy to rub against.

The real genius of this smooth firm toy is in the shape: the steep 45 degree angle ensures that the dildo is aimed just right for face-to-face sex. Add the included and removable vibrator for an added buzz.
Compatible with: Jaguar Harness, Vegan Jaguar Harness, Commando Harness, Spareparts Joque Harness, Buzz Me Tender Harness
The Feeldoe can be used without a harness, but we've found that using it with one allows for more control and keeps the ridges pressed firmly against my clit. Without it, the Feeldoe hangs off your body and bends a lot, making it difficult to penetrate. The harness also forces the shaft end into a more upright position, which stimulates the prostate gland more effectively when in face-to-face positions. The bulbous ends stays in pretty easily unless you're really wet, so do not use lube! Just wait until you're wet enough to ease it in.The Feeldoe is very empowering because it feels more like it's a cock than an ordinary strap-on. You will love wearing this while jacking off the shaft. The bulb will rock against your g-spot while the ridges work on your clit, which will send you into an awesome orgasm. The bulb can also be used as a convenient handle if you want to use the shaft end on yourself or someone else. This is a fantastic and versatile dildo. But really the feeldoe is awesome for pegging. The Feeldoe iniates sensuous pegging. Take our dare to peg with Feeldoe !
Feeldoe is a strapless dildo sex toy. It was invented by Melissa Mia Kain, who was granted a patent for her invention in 1997.                                      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
My wife and me started the practice of pegging almost four years ago with a cyberskin dildo and the Terra Firma Dee Harness. While these two toys did a good job for me, she often regretted that she could not get much physical satisfaction and we rarely pegged because of this. But things changed when the Feeldoe Stout arrived to our bedroom. It feels a lot better for both of us and now she is more willing than ever to peg me.

The Feeldoe Stout is a strapless dildo made of silicone that comes with a removable vibrating bullet to make the dildo vibrate when you want. It is shorter and thicker, hence "stout", than other dildos in its series (see the 'Actual Product Size' button under the images above to get the real idea of its dimensions). It has a front long shaft and a rear bulb (with some small ribs) for the purpose of giving pleasure to both partners and it does an awesome job at this.

Now, it is advertised as strapless, but in reality I strongly recommend the use of a harness. Most of the other reviews and comments for this dildo tell how hard it is to keep in place without straps. Without a harness, the Feeldoe Stout tends to fall out of my wife's vagina quite often and thus we decided to use our old 'double-strap' Terra Firma Dee Harness to at least make things a little easier. When using a harness, I advise for one that has a leather pad which can be removed, leaving just the 'o-ring' and straps, like the Bare as you dare harness – g-string harness - click here ! since you don't want anything obstructing the use of the rear bulb. Also, a harness of the 'g-string' type would help better in keeping the Stout in place because the middle strap would push upwards the dildo, keeping it firmly in the vagina and making the ribs more effective. Even with the help of the harness, the Stout sometimes slips out of position. We have found that this happens more when she is lying on the bed and I am atop her or when she moves and thrusts too fast. Taking things slow and with much care can minimise the chances of the dildo slipping out. She, however, still thinks that 'driving' standard strap-ons is easier. The perfect harnesses: Sasha harness red – panty harness - Joque harness – double strap harnessJaguar – double strap harness .

The Feeldoe Stout is also a good toy because of its material. The black silicone of the Stout offers all its usual advantages: it's firm, durable, and absorbs heat. It is also smooth, shiny, and stiff, feeling a bit like plastic (other silicone products I've used are softer), but not bad or rough. The best texture I can describe for this dildo is 'polished'. Also, its black color tends to go well with other black/leather toys and lingerie, making this dildo visually appealing. I noticed that this particular dildo catches a lot of small dirt like dust particles and lint. Since the dildo is shiny black, the dirt shows even more. Not a matter to worry about, as silicone is very easy to wash, but I recommend storing it in a very clean place.

After trying it for the first time, I immediately found that this tool is not for men who are getting pegged for the first time or are not accustomed to pegging. Since the Stout is the thickest in the Feeldoe series, it can require more lube and experience for anal use. Furthermore, position is very important when using the Stout because of its somewhat acute angle. While the rear bulb can bend (and only a little) what can actually occur is that when the wearer leans back sufficiently, she pulls the front shaft against the receiver's anus, resulting in discomfort. Thus, a position where both partners are 'parallel' (like missionary) is best.

The Feeldoe Stout comes with a few 'extras'. Its bullet can be removed, includes small watch batteries, and produces little noise and average vibration. The Feeldoe transmits these vibrations along both insertable ends, though my wife feels that these vibrations are less powerful than in other toys, perhaps due to the stiff silicone that the Stout is made of. Another drawback of the bullet is that its position in the dildo leaves the power switch exposed where it can bump against the wearer's legs and get switched off accidentally. In general, the bullet adds much value to the dildo, working together with the ribs at the base to give a lot of enjoyment to my wife.

So there you have it: the Feeldoe Stout; the tool responsible for more nights of pegging and enjoyment than before. Even if you feel that the 'Stout' version is not the one you want, I sincerely recommend the 'Feedoe' series. You will get a sturdy vibrating dildo of quality material that both partners can enjoy.
Eleven months ago, my wife and I bought the 'Feeldoe Stout' and we still consider it one of the best toys we have purchased. Everything in our original review continues to be true. However, my wife and I have become more experienced and skilled in using the 'Feeldoe Stout' and as a result the problems we originally had with positioning have been reduced (it slips out less often, I feel more comfortable with it, etc.). Note that a good harness is still needed.

As for its material, texture, and firmness, these things have remained just like when we first bought it. The vibrating bullet works perfectly well, too.

Yet the primary reason why we keep using this dildo is because of its ability to give pleasure to both of us. I doubt my wife will ever peg me with anything other than this toy.

We will be keeping the 'Feeldoe Stout' and using it forever, until someday it breaks apart or if something better is invented (hardly done). :)
I bought my first Aneros product out of curiosity. I read some crazy stuff on this forum and was intrigued. I went on to buy almost every model that Aneros makes, except for the SGX, Tempo, and the smaller Peridise Models. I've been using them for about 3+ years now. Still no super-O, but I've been close plenty of times (I think- haha). So I bought a feeldoe slim about a year ago. Tried to use it maybe on 4 different occasions over the past year. Didn't do much for me...sure it felt more "full", but that wasn't enough to take me over the edge.

Last night, I was exceptionally horny and showed it to my wife, who has never seen it. Mrs. P looked thought it was a joke at first and started laughing. She acted like she didn't understand what end was supposed to go where. I had to explain that the shorter end was going in her and the penis end was going in me! She then had an devilish grin on her face and I knew she wanted to try it. I've told her of my Aneros addiction, but she has never watched or participated in it. When we first started dating I would always try to get her to give up some anal, but she would always reply with "Let me fuck your ass with a strap-on first, and I'll think about it." Well that was 10 years ago, and way before I found out that I enjoyed prostate play. So I knew that on some level the whole fucking a guy in the ass thing was a fantasy of hers.

So we get in bed, I bring along my Helix and some Probe lube. I lube up, and stick in the Helix to kind of get my ass ready for what's to come. She blows me for about 30 minutes, which is extra good with a prostate massager in place BTW! Then I remove the Helix and she fingers my ass for a little bit. While she is lubing up the Feeldoe, I begin to get a little nervous. She inserts her end (without the vibrator because it wasn't working properly) and takes a minute to enjoy the view. She smiles and says, "Now I have a penis!" I guess penis envy is a real thing!

I tell her to go slow, and she inserts the thing little by little, giving my ass time to get used to it. She strokes my cock to keep me hard, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Then she starts to fuck me. Let me tell you, it's not like an Aneros session at all. It's very different- even more different than the times when I used the Feeldoe on myself. We only tried one position- me on my back, spread eagle and her on top. There were times when her thrusting was hitting my prostate perfectly and I felt like I was on the verge of cumming. There were other times when she went deeper, making sure that it was all the way in. I didn't think I could handle the whole thing, but I surprised myself. I know that as far as dildos go, this thing is not that big or long.

After about 20 minutes, she says that her legs are cramping up. Being on top thrusting requires muscles that girls don't normally use! She takes it out and we fuck for about 30 minutes and then she finishes me off with a handjob while sucking on one of my nipples and a finger in my ass. When I came there was so much volume that I think I could have filled half a measuring cup! (I normally have a lot of cum anyway, but this stuff came out thick and it felt like it went on forever!)

So all in all it was a good time shared by both of us. I can't wait to try it again...I told her next time I want to try it doggystyle!

About 3 days later I had a solo Aneors session with my Helix and Maximus. Over the past several years, my sessions have become better and better, improving as time went on But this session was one of the best sessions yet! It's like I've become more sensitive to prostate stimulation. During the time that I was being fucked by the feeldoe, I felt sensations that were stronger than my typical Aneros sessions. I can totally understand why gay dudes are into ass fucking. It feels great! However, it's not something that I plan on doing on a regular basis- maybe once every couple months or so. I feel pretty safe using Aneros products on a more regular basis because they aren't very big. I've seen videos on XTube of guys being double fisted and sticking HUGE things in their ass. I'm not trying to win any contests here!

I feel that a Super-O is in the cards for me and that if I give it six more months, it will happen! I've always been hard to please sexually. Whenever I was with a new girl, it would always take me a LONG time to cum- at least 2 hours MINIMUM. But that was in my 20's and now i'm closer to 50. I still masturbate for at least one to two hours 3-4 times a week. Up until last year, it used to be daily! I think that the reason that I have not yet had a Super-O is because I have developed this habit of trying NOT to cum while fucking or jerking off. My interest has always been in prolonging the experience. When I have an Aneros session, I totally try and tune in to the sensations and hope to cum, but so far no luck. But I am definitely getting closer!

Sorry for the rambling guys, but I guess the main thing I wanted to say was that if you feel that you're not progressing, maybe you should try a strap-on!
Different than a strap on, it takes a little getting used to but really is worth the effort ! Feeldoe is an extension of you. Imagine, if you will, feeldoe is your love tool designed to please you and your man :) !
Are you Feeldoe Pegging ?
Feeldoe for those intimate pegging moments.
Mutual Orgasms !
Feeldoe has been crafted to give both couples the orgasms of their life. We dare you to feeldoe peg !
When your partner is not there, you can still count on feeldoe to get you off ! Satisfaction guaranteed.
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The Feeldoe vibrator is awesome !
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Edenfantasy - Sex Toy Review: Feeldoe Stout !
How the Feeldoe Stout Improved our Pegging
Couples Speak Out: Feeldoe Pegging Stories . . . . .
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Feeldoe Slim - Pegging Workout . . . . .
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bare as you dare harness
Bare As You Dare Harness - Feeldoe Compatible !
Image the look on your partner when you walk into the room wearing nothing but this thong-style harness! With its three way adjustable straps, it can fit up to 60 inch hips. Placed in the front of the harness is a 1.5 inch O-ring, allowing you to place a dildo of your choice. This thong style harness is so small it fits under your clothes allowing you to be able to use it virtually anywhere you want.
Bought this to use with my feeldoe's and it works fab with the Slim, if you have a larger feeldoe you need a 1 3/4 O ring from a hardware store :) or order online - click here !
The price was the main selling point of this product, and it's a no frills solution to all your needs.
The name was very well chosen as there is not flair to this harness, however it holds together well even under the most heated of exchanges.
Just what you need to help keep everything in place. Easy to adjust, easy to put on, easy to take off and clean.
So far so good, holds all my equipment just right, for both our pleasure! I'm a BBW so I'm really happy it stays snug better than leather, easy to use..
I bought this for my wife as a side gift to the Tantus Feeldoe Vibrator, Violet. It did its job and made sure the feeldoe stayed in place. It is easy to use and great for the price. We are new to pegging and didnt want to drop a ton of money on something we have not tried yet. The only thing I would do, and thinking of modifying myself, would be to add quick snap buckles to it so we dont have to feed the straps in and out of buckles. Im glad I bought this and would buy again if I had too!
The reviews are in and they are all good - The Bare As You Dare Harness Works with Feeldoe & Gets the Job Done !
Order Today from Amazon !
Price:   $11.09
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I had to talk my wife into trying it. I started by asking her about HER fantasies and desires, and then telling her which ones I wanted to try (almost all of them, as it turned out!). Then I told her that I wanted to try pegging with the feeldoe but with a twist. I wanted to place the bulb of the feeldoe into my ass. With me on my knees and my wife positioned in front of me on her back and legs positioned on my shoulders, I was now positioned to penetrate my wife vaginally and anally. My cock would enter her vaginally and the feeldoe penetrated her ass. Let me warn you, I and my wife had the most awesome orgasm together, ever. She simply went wild and brought her legs down and placed them around my waist and then positioned the feeldoe and my cock as deep as she come get it. My wife literally tried to squeeze me to death. I exploded the biggest load ever. Ihe bulb  vibrator part of the feeldoe did a number on my p-spot. Needless to say my wife can get enough of DP now. I'm in heaven ! I very much enjoy double penetration with my husband. Such a switch in the dynamics of bedroom play really gives us a refreshing rush, and I know it's really his long-time fantasy he never had enough confident to play out, until he was with someone as comfortable with their sexualityas me, not to mention toys, as me, so, it's really intimate, knowing he decided to share that with me, and trusts me enough to let me do this for him, so there is also that aspect of it. It really makes me feel like I'm someone special to him.
Women get aroused simply when they see something sexy. Women get passionate when they feel excited. Women love watching their man get off.
Feeldoe Pegging Positions for Couples . . .
Feeldoe Double DP:
My wife loves double penetration & so do i -  I : ) !
Finding the right position for double penetration varies from couple to couple.
It can be succesful if you can retain a bulb 1 3/4 in diameter. But that also shortens the dildo a little. For frontal- missionary sex, wearing it in your rectum and pegging a woman, its not that simple. You might want to run the long end through a jock strap or a harness made for men. Or one of the double harnesses with two frontal holes for support.
The Size Matters Erection Assist Hollow Silicone Strap is specifically for men and would work well with a dildo and his penis as well. There are 2 size depending on how big you want the penis side cock ring. Check reviews. I know there was a couple who used it for dp and frankly, the only way you make that better is by including the ass as well. I am suddenly really hot to try it out!
perfect for dp . . .
The spare parts deuce is specifically for men and would work well with a dildo and his penis.
With the flaps that cover the second hole, the wearer can also opt to have his penis inside or outside the pouch. The simplicity of the Deuce means it makes it easy to use for a variety of ways. The wearer doesn't have to remove the Deuce to insert their penis or the dildo through either one of the holes, while they are wearing it. They can simply release the belt strap and pull the pouch forward and insert or pull forward on either side of the pouch to insert. As the Deuce is designed especially for men; the pouch is designed so that it comfortably cups the testicles and penis if desired, without resulting in bunching, chaffing, pinching or binding. It's also a fantastic choice of harness for men who have erectile dysfunction.
The adjustable straps ensure it fits the wearer securely and remains snug and in place, providing complete control whatever the position. As the leg straps cross at the perineum, they apply a light pressure to the prostate region giving an additional pleasurable feeling. Both openings have two small flaps on the inside of the harness so that the wearer has the choice of having the dildo base against his skin for that more intimate and involved feeling or he can have it covered for a more gentler, less abrasive sensation.
The versatility of the DeuceTM means it can be used with only the dildo or with the penis and a toy simultaneously for dual penetration and double the fun. Check it out - click here !
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Feeldoe took our anal play to another level - pegging !
I wasn't into the idea of pegging until my husband ordered the feeldoe online.
Let me tell you as a personal vibrator, I'm in love with feeldoe and when my husband rides the shaft with the bulb in my hole of choice (anal or vaginally) and him riding the feeldoe shaft in his ass, the mutual orgasm is mind blowing :) !
I'm going to get a strap-on for pegging, but right now, I;m enjoying my feeldoe !
Personalize your pegging experience.
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Picture your man riding feeldoe with the other end in you !
Click photo to enlarge !
I now cum before he does. If you are pegging curious start with feeldoe. If pegging is not for you, you have a great sex toy ! But mutual orgasms are great :) !
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Feeldoe - The #1 pleasure toy for couples !
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