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Amy Shumer on Anal Play !
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any shumber on anal play !
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any shumber on anal play !
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any shumber on anal play !

I want to peg my boyfriend !

A Straight Wife Wants To Know - Strap or Strapless Dildo ?

by fonda on 02/16/16

The "Straight" Wife Now Routinely Pegs Her Husband !

straight wives are pegging their husbands

 Pegging Goes Mainstream !

No one knew pegging would go mainstream. Today more straight couples are practicing pegging behind closed doors.

America has an anal sex fetish. A 2010 survey suggests that experimentation with wider forms of anal play may be common than experimentation with anal sex amongst heterosexual couples. Among its subjects, 43 percent of women and 51 percent of men surveyed in heterosexual couples copped to testing out anilingus, anal fingering, or anal toy play at least once.

 A 2006 survey suggests that at least some self-identified heterosexual men are receiving anal pleasure as well (mostly fingering, some anilingus). We have no good data to compare that to in terms of trends. But given the taboos against men receiving anal play,any male-receiver experimentation seems, anecdotally at least, like a pretty big sign of the times.

Toy company sales and online blogs and forum now show more heterosexual couples are experimenting with anla play and pegging. Pegging once a taboo among heterosexual couples has now become the "norm"

Heterosexual men have learned about the "p-spot". The "p-spot" is the male prostate. It is to the male as the g-spot is to the woman. It is a pleasure tool. Today pegging is about male sexual pleasure. More couples have experimented or are pegging curious than ever befor. And it's mostly about the pleassure principle. Straight men are being turned on my the site of their female mate wearing a strap-on to pentrate their ass. And yes, many wives are game to reverse roles with their husbands when it comes to anal. Are you straight and pegging curious ? Take our pegging quiz - click here !


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What's the verdict on feeldoe and is there an advantage pegging your man with a strap on vs pegging with feeldoe? We are just a straight couple seriously thinking about trying pegging. i have't pegged him yet, but i'm going to.

The Vision for the Straight Guy Curious About Pegging !

feeldoe the #1 pegging toy for couples !

"Straight" couples will enjoy feeldoe for pegging. But 069Sexpost would like to see post from couples who are presently using feeldoe to help new couples pegging curious to make their choice. i.e. My partner (a man) and I have had a great deal of fun using it. However, I would caution that while it can be used without a harness, we think that a harness would improve the experience. The dildo is heavy and if you get quite wet it can be hard to keep the vaginal end in place.

 I found the Sportsheet Dare To Bare Strap on Harness and it is the perfect fit for the tantus Feeldoe Slim. Just what you need to help keep everything in place. Easy to adjust, easy to put on, easy to take off and clean. This harness isn't too bad, and is great for the price. My partner would add that it feels great for him! What's your opinion on feeldoe versus strap-on's ?

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Straight Wives Did You Enjoy Your First Pegging Experience ?

by fonda on 02/09/16

How Was Your First Pegging Experience ?

how was your first time pegging

My husband mentioned he wanted to try pegging after looking it up on the internet. I really wasn't into it, but I decided to try it just to please him. We laughed alot at first, because it was really hard getting it in his ass. It was really my fault because I didn't want to hurt him, You know I didn't want to jam it in. Once he took control and told  me just to relax and a few more drinks - i was ready.

Making sure his ass was good and lubed, i slowly eased the strap on dildo into his ass. My husband opened his ass and took it all and told me just to relax and to fuck his ass just the way he fucks my ass. Those were the "magic words" and my husband loved it when i let go and really got into pounding his rear end.

Six months later, i really recommend buying the Tantus Feeldoe and using it on your man. I love the vibrating bulb in my "vagina" while I'm pleasing his ass, i'm pleasing me. Feeldoe is great for married straight couples - it is your best investment.

Have you seen the video where grandma is doing grandpa with a feeldoe. Watch it here - click here !

How would you describe your first pegging experience ? - click here !

Tell us about your first time !


3 Easy Tips To Pegging Your Man !

3 easy pegging tips


Click here - to learn more !


Pegging Photo Gallery

pegging photo gallery

Click here - Pegging Photo Gallery !



Backdoor Fun for Couples !

backdoor fun for couples

Bottoms Up! Three Sexy Stories About Backdoor Fun
[Kindle Edition] Annie Summers (Author)
Pegging stories - you will enjoy - click here !


Today 3 out of 4 Heterosexual Couples Have Tried Pegging !

by fonda on 11/13/12

Today the #1 selling sex toy for couples is a strap-on harness set. Heterosexual couples are expanding their sex play to include "ass play", which has led to more couples trying pegging. Pegging is simply heterosexual couples having strap-on sex with the female doing the giving and man the taking. It's just role reversal sex play in the bedroom.

So tell me - who was the first to bring up pegging in your relationship?

I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

How do I get my wife interested in anal play ?

by fonda on 08/05/12

I would love for my wife to include anal sex play into our sex life. I'm not attracted to men, but i really love to have my butt played with and i would love to have her use the strapon that i bought her. We attempted to use it once but she told me she just was not into it. She says she gets nothing out of it even though i enjoy it and i want it. Should i continue to play with my ass myself or leave her and find someone into ass play?

How do I get my boyfriend to let me use my strap-on on him !

by fonda on 08/05/12

I know i'm not the only woman with this problem so i'm seeking a little advise. How can i talk my husband into stop being so "mancho" and to let me get off with my fanatasy of fucking his cute little ass. I have licked his butt hole and lubed my finger and played with his ass but he straws a line when it comes to me and my strap-on. Are there any straight guys out there that can give me some advise?

I would love to buy a strap on and fu_ck your cute ass.
Who wanted to try pegging         - you or your husband ?
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Grandma pegging grandpa with a feeldoe !
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