Couples enjoing strap-on sex
Couples enjoing strap-on sex
It was my wife's fantasy to fuck me in the ass. We were playing the game Truth or Dare and it caught me my surprise, at the time we were over at a friends house, so she just blew it off as a joke, but on our ride home, I asked whether she was kidding or not. She said, you begged me for years to fuck me up the ass and I tried and loved it, how do you know you want love it.

I said ok, lets do it. Cathy went online and ordered a dildo and harness and when that package arrived, she had this giant smile on her face. She could not wait to bone me up the ass. I was an anal virgin and

My Wife Fantasy was to Fuck Me With Her Strapon !
Strap-on harnesses allow the wearer's hands to remain free during erotic coupling. Use your hands in other places.

Some couples like to explore simulated fellatio in which the recipient sucks on the dildo. If the dildo has been inserted anally, it should be thoroughly washed with soap and water and/or a sex toy cleaner before it enters the recipient's mouth.

If a man wears the harness, he might alternate inserting his erection and the strap-on dildo into his partner.

If a man wears the harness and the woman is open to double penetration, the man can insert his penis and strap-on dildo simultaneously into her vagina and anus.
Tips for Strap-On Enjoyment
Strap-ons are more elaborate than your average sex toy, and stepping into one may feel odd. Take your time.

The dildo needs to be fitted into the front piece and straps may need to be adjusted. Be patient with these toys, with yourself and with your sex partner. At first you may feel awkward.

Always use plenty of lubricant with strap-ons. Your dildo -- as well as any body part you’re planning to use it on -- should be generously lubricated before insertion. Experiment to see which one best complements your strap-on play.

At first, the wearer should refrain from thrusting, allowing the recipient to slowly engulf the strap-on dildo instead of being penetrated. The rear-entry (doggie style) position is a good one to use.
Anal Sex
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Pegging - Having Strap-on Sex with My Man  !
Pegging can open up a whole new world of erotic exploration for couples. In addition to the pleasure of anal sex and prostate stimulation, pegging can take your sex life to the next level with hands-free penetration, diverse position possibilities, and even fantasy role play. Read more > > >
I love pegging my man. What a nice ass he has !
I love my man's ass !
Preparing for Anal Play . . . . .
The secret to making anal sex a fantastic experience for both you and your sex partner is all in the preparation. Whether you’re doing it for the first time or you’ve made it a regular part of your sex life, there are some essential steps to take before any back door action goes on. As he becomes accustomed to anal stimulation, some of these preparations will become less time consuming, but still always necessary. If pegging your man is your goal, there is a bit of prep work involved in order to make it a great experience - Read more - click here !
Electro Sex
Don't believe the chatter: If you are a man who likes pegging, clearly you must be gay…and if you are a woman who likes pegging, you wish you were a man.

More than any other reason, I love to peg a man because it brings him so much pleasure. Some time ago I had the privilege of introducing a new  lover to pegging. After he came exquisitely hard in his hand while I sunk deep inside him…he gasped, “I had no idea!” I love the cause and effect of watching a man’s body react when I thrust inside him. I love the moans and gasps I can elicit. Pegging allows me to actually be inside him giving him pleasure, which is a thrill in itself; the only time in sexual play that I get to do that. But mostly…I just love to put a man in ecstasy with my strap-on.
Electrosex uses electrical stimulation to cause pleasurable sensations
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Most women have never  had a thought about pegging their man. And most women ask me, Do women really love penetrating their man's ass with a strap-on dildo?

First let me say, what goes on behind closed doors is no ones business. Pegging is simply a sexual act between two consenting adults. It is simply sex play.
Half of all married couples have experimented with strap-on sex and strap-on/anal male toys have become one of the top sellers of adult purchases from heterosexual couples.
Surveys say over 3/4 of ALL men have seriously considered being pegged with a strap-on from a female partner.
Did you know . . .
Sensuous Pegging
Role-Reversal !
When women wear the harness, the front piece typically covers the clitoris. Some women enjoy the clitoral stimulation that results when the base of the dildo presses the front piece against it. Others miss direct clitoral stimulation. If so, reach under the front piece to fondle her clitoris. Or loosen the straps and lift the front piece or move it aside to allow access to her clitoris.

If you’ve read this far, you certainly might want to give strap-ons a try, as they can add a whole new dimension to your regular sexual routine. And remember: strap-on sex doesn't mean exclusively strap-on sex. Most couples who own strap-ons don't use them every time they have sex, but rather from time to time when they're in the mood. However you decide to use them, just be sure to keep an open mind, use plenty of lube -- and enjoy!
I love taking my man from the rear. I love the power of taking his ass. I guess u can say i'm into pegging big time. You are going to love this story.
One night, my wife got me druck and took me in the rear with her strap-on. Now i get it once a month in the ass, like clock work ! This is a must read story !
My husband loves for me to finger his ass and now he is in heaven. He loved it when I surprised him with my strap-on that i ordered online. This is a great article !
My last boyfriend was into pegging, but my new bf never wanted any part of it until I stopped giving him anal sex ! You will really enjoy this story !
My wife doesn't want any part of pegging me. She won't even finger me, she tells me to stick a dildo up my ass myself :(!  Definetely checkout this article !
Prostate milking is massaging your man's prostate. Some men really love milking, some men don't ! Very informative article and more ! Learn how to gind the male g-spot !
This is a great article on preparing your man for anal play. Learn how to prepare the butt for anal play !
The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Strap-On Sex and over one million other books are available for Amazon Kindle.
Whether you are a backdoor beginner or a pegging fan, explore the ins and outs of this intimate form of sexual pleasure and discover how you can add it to your sexual repertoire!
When Mark and Lindsay get to work, though, she's got him pegged -- literally. Mark learns that some games of "chicken" just aren't worth winning...
Pegging Stories
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If you are looking for a great selection of pegging stories - go to Amazon ! Click the link you will love all the resources.
You are going to love A Buyer's Guide To Choosing Your Strap-on Harness ! Everything you ever wanted to know about buying your first strap-on, you will find here ! Think of it as buying your penis :) !
What would you do if the girl of your dreams was packing something a little extra in her panties?
Are you ready to serve a strict sexually dominant woman? Desire to know what it's like to be punished and humiliated by a wife, mistress or Dominatrix? Then come enjoy these HIGHLY explicit Femdom BDSM erotic short stories from a REAL dominant woman
No matter what i do, my old man will not let me use my strap-on on him. He simply won't bend over and take it. :(!  Have your straingt man read this story!
I bought a strap-on and surprised my husband. I said, "darling lets have anal sex.
Come on guys, it’s time to stop calling everyone you don’t like an “asshole” and start loving the one you own. Our Puritanical heritage comes down the hardest on this neglected part of the body and we remain a nation of “tight asses.” As long as the anus is seen as dirty and disgusting, we will never discover the sexual pleasures of this wonderful erogenous zone. Learn more >>>
Fast forward to the first guy I dated after my first husband and I split. Greg was not my typical type. He was a tad overweight, a total geek (because there is a difference between nerds and geeks!), but he paid attention to me. He was my boss at my second job, and that made fucking him that much more exciting. For as reserved as he was, there were things he wanted to try that, at the time, I didn't really want any part of. He really wanted to engage in water sports, and I was NOT into that at all. He approached the subject of anal a couple of times, but I usually brushed him off and quickly changed the subject Read more >>>
Pegging my husband with my strap-on!
Popping My Husband's Cherry !
"I step out of the bathroom and Paul’s mouth drops open. “What is that?” he asks. His eyes are glued to my crotch."
A Pegging Story
Pegging Video Gallery
Pegging - Strap-on anal sex with the female giving & the male receiving !
If you want anal sex then you should take it up the ass ! A woman's point of view - click here !
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Pegging: News - Stories - Video's - Pictures - Pegging Toys for Couples
Straight Couples Pegging . . . . .
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Pegging News & Stories !
7 out of 10 straight couples  have engaged in anal play !
His Sexual Fantasy !

Female Harness Strap-on Dong and Anal Plug
Are you both into anal sex and want to have some in the bedroom. Try the female harness and silso with a butt plug holder for her. While satisfying his ass, satisfy your ass. Order yours today ! Click here !see the clip from weed.
Look Who's Carrying The Big Stick In The Bedroom !
How Do I Get My Man Into Pegging ?
Straight Couples Pegging !
Feeldoe Pegging !
Watch live pegging shows !
Exclusive - pegging couples at ICamzLive  Watch Live Pegging Shows !

Pegging Stories - click here !
1. Have You fantasized about pegging your man ?
2. Are You Having Anal Sex with your man ?
Pegging Quiz . . . . .
Take our Quick & Easy pegging quiz.
4. Have you bought a strap-on harness & dildo ?
3. Will you engage in prostate milking with your man?
5. Do you really love penetrating your man's ass with a strap-on dildo ?
This question is for straight women who peg their husband or sex partner !
6. Do you prefer taking it up the ass or giving it ?
Last night was a great night. We didn't have anything planned, we were just relaxing and enjoying the night. We were both horny as hell and had planned on playing some once the girls went to bed, but I wanted to take it a step further.
There are a lot of things I have said I would never do or try, or that I just flat out wasn't interested in. One of those things was any kind of anal play. I thought it was gross, I mean, it's your ass! It's for exit only, how could anyone get any kind of pleasure out of it?
I didn't understand and was very closed off to it. I was young and conservative, and not that adventurous. I would learn....boy, would I lear
A Pegging Story
Oh don't stop, you make me feel sooo goood . . .
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Straight men enjoy strap-on anal sex, too !
I Decided To Buy A Strap-on To Peg My Husband !
I love pegging my husband !
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Couples enjoy pegging !
My Boyfriend found my strap-on, then asked if I would fuck him in the ass !
Hot Pegging Photo Gallery !
Married couples are getting off pegging !
Surprise Him This Holiday Season !
watch videos instantly !
popping my husband;s cherry !
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Share a double headed dildo with your husband !
Find Available Escorts in your neighborhood who are into pegging.
All life styles
Straight - Lesbians - Gay - Shemales
Let me show you how i milk your prostate. I love pegging male subs. -<a href="">Click here !</a>Mistress Tara - I'm waiting for you to contact me. Anything Goes !-<a href="">Click here !</a>Horny domme looking to pound some ass !-<a href="">Click here !</a>WANTED; Submissive Men Only !-<a href="">Click here !</a>
I Never Thought I Would Be Into Pegging, I Just Wasn't That Type Of Girl !
I wanted plenty of lube. She really got excited and fucking me up the ass really gets her off. This new form of foreplay has added excitement and spice to our sex life. Click here !
All his life Owen has secretly dreamed of sexual submission at the hands of a dominant woman-<a href="">Read more !</a>
One Man's Submissive Journey
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I Peg My Mam On A Regular Bases !
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My boyfriend found my strap-on !
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My Strap-on Is Empowering !
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Good Boy Sub
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Submitting To A Woman !
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Pegging My Boyfriend !
Pegging surprise for the holidays ! -<a href="">Click here !</a>
Holiday Pegging !
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Are you pegging curious ? Or is your straight husband, just not into the ideal of you buying a strap-on and using it on him ? Put a smile on his face - the orgasms are mind blowing :) !  - click here !
What makes pegging so hot for the novice, and what makes the experienced keep coming back for more? For some it's a natural part of their everyday sexual relationship, while others use it along with whips ,watersports and other kinks as a way to dominate and control their willing partners. Take our pegging quiz.
"It says here, pegging is becoming popular in bedrooms across America, want to try it"
7. Are you a dominant wife in the bedroom ?
Watch Marge behind closed doors !
Marge pegging Homer !
A Ladies Guide to Prostate Milking (The Well Tempered Husband)
The uses of prostate milking in a female lead marriage.
Book Description:
pegging photo gallery
The pegging guide for straight couples !
The pegging lifestyle !
My first pegging experince !
Pegging A to Z !
i love pegging my husband with feeldoe. I get off and my husband gets off !
feeldoe pegging is trending among straight couples !
strap-on sex couples !
Feeldoe pegging
Straight couples who love pegging !
Honey - will you let me fuck you in the ass wearing a sexy strap-on dildo ?
Couples are getting into pegging - click here !
If you like anal - click here !
Wives who like taking it up the ass - click here !
8. Nine out of ten women say they have fingered or licked their lovers asshole are you one of the 9 out of 10 ?
9. Which would you prefer ?
10. What would your best friend say if you shared that you are penetrating your man's ass with a strap-on.
Today more straight men are enjoying anal sex being on the recieving end from their wife of female sex partner.
Today more straight men are enjoying anal sex with their female partners - Role reversal in the bedroom - click here !
"I promise to be easy and take it nice and slow just like you did when you put your cock in my ass."
Are You Ready To Take It Up The Ass from Your Wife ?
Heterosexual couple experimenting with pegging !
Perfect for anal couples [ female harness and strap-on with butt plug
A Dildo for his ass & a Butt Plug for her !
Pegging The Billionaire: His First Time
free erotic pegging stories
Yes, I have and yes i would like to try pegging !
No, it's not for me.
Yes, it's just a fantasy !
Yes, My husband wanted anal sex.
Yes, I wanted to try anal sex.
Yes, we both wanted to try anal sex !
No, I'm not into anal sex.
No, My husband is not into anal.
We're not an anal sex couple.
Yes, Im into pegging !
I'm thinking about it !
Yes, I get off. I love pegging my man !
No, pegging my man is to please him.
I haven't pegged him yet, but i will !
I prefer taking it up the ass
I prefer giving it to my man up the ass!
I'm a freak. I prefer both !
I pass on anal sex.
Yes, I'm dominate, he's submissive !
We switch !
Neither, just straight couple,  experimenting !
Giving Head !
Pegging my man !
Getting oral sex !
Masturbating only !
You, go girl, did you come  :) ?
No way , did he enjoy it ?
Next time you bend him over, ram his ass for me !
You're kidding me, right ?