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Anal sex is fun, but often intimidating if you’re afraid of things getting dirtier than expected – and by “dirty” we don’t mean “naughty.” With a little bit of preparation, you can be ready for any type of anal play.
First, an anatomy lesson. . .
Our anal canal is just that – a canal, or passageway – not a storage place for “used food,” so in general, if you don’t feel like there’s anything in your anal canal, you’re good to go.
If you’d like to clean out before anal sex, Pipedream has three products that will make the process simple.

First up, the Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner’s Enema. Simply fill up this small anal-douching bulb with slightly warm (not too hot!) water.
A tip on inserting the bulb comfortably: press your finger tip horizontally against the edge of your anal opening and gently tip it in vertically and insert your fingertip. With your other hand, guide the tip of the Beginner’s Enema into your anus.

(Be sure to clean your douche before using it for both anal and vaginal cleaning, or better yet, buy two, and dedicate one for each!)
For those who’d like to clean beyond the first 10 inches of the anal canal (into the colon), try the Unisex Douche Enema. It works the same way as the previous douche bulbs, but uses more water and can therefore clean deeper. Includes a Folding Douche Bag, 4′ Threaded Tube with Tap and a Suction Cup Wall Mount Hook.

All products are easy to clean first with soap and water, follow up with Pipedream Toy Cleaner; it disinfects surface bacteria yet is gentle enough for repeated use.
how to clean the butt for anal play
anal douche
Titanmen anal douche - This Titanmen "tool" is exactly that. A utilitarian item that can be used for sex play, or as intended, as a tool to prep for anal sex. It is well made, seems durable, and works well.
Since I have been using this anal douche, there have been no issues with uncleanliness or mood killing messes, which my partner and I greatly appreciate.

This product gives me the confidence to engage in anal play, and allows me relax and enjoy the ride so to speak (pun intended), and that is the most important thing when anal play is the order of the day or night! Read More - Click Here >>>
Titanmen Anal Douche
For those of you new to anal douching or those with experience this is a perfect little device for you. It allows ease for beginners and a simple technology anyone can appreciate. If you are interested in any type of anal play this is a great way to cleanse the system and also make you feel nice and clean both inside and out!
This is great for all levels of experience and works very well to clean things out! Feel fresh and clean inside and out!

The Ultra Douche by California Exotics is an anal douche for both men and women who either want to clean out before anal play or for their other reasons. This is great for both beginners and those used to anal play and anal douching.

Anal douching is very easy and some experts even say healthy! It helps rid your body of contaminates and makes anal play a whole lot more enjoyable!  Purchase your kit - click here >>>
Ultra Douche
Universal Douche System
Get naughty while you get clean with this sexy shower-powered douche kit. Three attachments, a kink-free hose, and all the hookups you'll need to start a wet and wild time are included.The flexible nickel-free hose connects to your sink, tub faucet, or shower to give you over six feet of maneuvering room. A handy multi-directional valve can be adjusted to redirect the water to the toy or through the faucet for ease of use
This was a great product! My husband loves the sensation of a douche, and what better way than to let his Mistress be in control over it! You get to choose which "plug" you want to use, then let the fun begin! It is very easy to fill and there is no mess!

You get to decide the pressure and water flow by squeezing the ball, the harder you squeeze the faster and harder the water pressure comes out. It is very, very to clean up and hide away. Great for portable use, and easy to put together and take apart. Use warm or cold water for different sensations. Learn more - click here >>>
Anal Douche Reviews:
Overall, I really like this product! It works great for anal clean-out, has the proper volume, and is flexible.
For those new to douching, this is excellent for you and if you already have the experience don't feel left out!
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Preparing for anal play !
Eat plenty of fiber rich foods.
Drink plenty of water.
Anal Douche
Black Latex Gloves
what is the best douche for anal play
Insert the tapered, slim tip into the anus and squeeze the water out into the anal canal; remove the bulb, and empty the water. Do this 2 or 3 times and you can be confident that you’re ready for average-sized insertion of 10 or so inches. If you’d like to clean further than that, attach the included PVC hose and repeat the cleaning process.
If you’re more advanced with anal play and would like some breadth to your insertables, you’ll enjoy the Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Douche/Enema System. It comes with two attachments; a tapered, smooth attachment for anal cleaning, and a ridged attachment for vaginal use.
cleaning the butt for anal play
Taking simple precautions like eating predictable foods the day of play and having a good, solid bowel movement can be all the preparation you need (this means yes to meat and potatoes, no to Indian curry!).
cleaning the butt for anla play
Watch What You Eat Before Anal Play !
It's all about eating healty and staying ivigorated and energized for great sex !
Water is mother nature's natural choice for keeping the body clean and flushed out !
Cleaniness is very important to enjoyable anal play but sometimes accidents do happen.
I love anal play so I'm always prepared for anal play but take the 5 minutes to douche before anal.
Use plenty of lubricant for eassy and comfort. Anal play can be very enjoyable.
How to clean the butt for anal play !
Watch The Movie !