Brittany Andrews strap-on Queen.
Brittany Andrews strap-on Queen.Brittany Andrews strap-on Queen.Brittany Andrews strap-on Queen.
Brittany Andrews strap-on Queen.
Pegging - Women giving and men receiving anal sex with a strap-on dildo.
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What you need for a great pegging session!
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Pegging - strap-on anal sex between consenting adults with the female doing the giving and the male the receiving !
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Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Stories ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging DVD ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Video ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Video ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging My Man ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Your Partner ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Anal Play ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging DVD ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>Pegging Page ! <a href="">Click Here !</a>
What you need to know to peg your husband for the first time !
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pegging my boyfriend
pegging my boyfriend
pegging my boyfriend
pegging my boyfriend
Pegging videos and pictures !
Today many heterosexual couples (straight) are practicing pegging becasue of the amount of information available on the Internet. Many young couples are open to pegging and anal play because of the many benefits to health and great sex ! Anal play and pegging is no longer a taboo !  Watch the video below - Has your husband or boyfriend asked you to peg him with a strap-on?
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Last night was a great night. We didn't have anything planned, we were just relaxing and enjoying the night. We were both horny as hell and had planned on playing some once the girls went to bed, but I wanted to take it a step further.

There are a lot of things I have said I would never do or try, or that I just flat out wasn't interested in. One of those things was any kind of anal play. I thought it was gross, I mean, it's your ass! It's for exit only, how could anyone get any kind of pleasure out of it? I didn't understand and was very closed off to it. I was young and conservative, and not that adventurous. I would learn....boy, would I learn.
I Never Thought I Would Be Into Pegging, I Just Wasn't That Type Of Girl !
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Fast forward to the first guy I dated after my first husband and I split. Greg was not my typical type. He was a tad overweight, a total geek (because there is a difference between nerds and geeks!), but he paid attention to me. He was my boss at my second job, and that made fucking him that much more exciting. For as reserved as he was, there were things he wanted to try that, at the time, I didn't really want any part of. He really wanted to engage in water sports, and I was NOT into that at all. He approached the subject of anal a couple of times, but I usually brushed him off and quickly changed the subject. One night, after a few beers and a few shots (I was still drinking at this time, among other things), he brought it up again. This time, I figured, what the hell. He told me that if I didn't like it, or it hurt too much, he would never ask me for it again. So we went for it. Anyone that has ever had anal sex knows that you need lube, and lots of it. Things like Anal Eaze help a lot because it has something in it to desensitize you, making the entry not as painful. Well, I don't think Greg took any of this into account, and I sure as hell didn't think about it, so we went at it with nothing. Thankfully, he had a smaller penis, but it still hurt. Telling him it hurt, seeing me tense up, didn't matter. He just wanted to finish. When he was done, I told him that would never be happening again.
Back to last night. I told him that I wanted to fuck him in the ass with that toy. He instantly got hard, and I loved it. We started playing on the couch. I was stroking him, making sure his gorgeous cock was nice and hard, and then I begged him to lick me. I wasn't begging enough, because as he got up, he slapped me, and told me to beg him more. Of course, I obliged, and he began to kiss and lick me all over. God was it good. The way he looked up at me while he was licking my pussy and teasing my ass was so hot! He made me cum a couple of times, and then it was his turn.

I lead him to the bedroom, climbed up on the bed, and immediately started licking his cock. I have never enjoyed giving a man head as much as I do with him. I've had enough practice with him that I'm finally able to deep throat, and I was doing as much of that as I could last night. I wanted him nice and hard and ready for me. I made him roll over on to his side and spread his legs. I was enjoying being in charge and telling him what to do. I immediately grabbed the toy, used the lube, and started to shove it in. I went slow at first because I didn't want to hurt him.

The immediate, intense moan coming from him told me I was doing a good job. I can't describe the intense feelings that came over me as I was fucking him in the ass, but I know I want to get a strap-on to be able to do a better job of it. As I had the toy in one hand, I grabbed his cock with the other and began stroking. He turned a little and asked me if I was trying to make him cum, because he was close. I decided to stop, for now, and have him use me.

That's when he went into Daddy mode, making sure I was enjoying his cock and getting off. But just as I was about to cum, Sir came out and demanded that I hold it in. He flipped me onto my stomach, shoved his cock back in me, and began to fuck me hard, mean, and started spanking me. The pain from the spanking made me want to cum even more, but I was still denied. It wasn't until after he came that I was allowed to cum with him rubbing on my clit. We were both completely spent and satisfied. I asked him if he was okay with everything. He turned to me, smiled, and said that I could fuck him in the ass anytime.

Anyone that's reading, what are your feelings about pegging? Is it something you're willing to try, or is it a hard limit for you?

I'm curious to see what others have to say about this subject. Read full article - click here !
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Couples At Play - Pegging !
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Amateur Picture Post !
Amateur Picture Post !
Pegging is a female-to-male sex act in which a woman in the active role enters a man's anus with a strap-on dildo, where the woman takes on the traditional male role of the penetrator. For the man, arousal can come from stimulation of the anus, the rectum, and the adjoining organs, but the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow is the prostate.
What is Pegging ?
Guide To Pegging for "Straight Couples" - click here !
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"My husband wanted anal sex - he wanted me to f_ck him up the ass!"
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I love pleasing my man !
Straight couples are switching roles in the bedroom when it comes to anal sex. Guys are now becoming recievers for anal sex ! Yes - pegging is trending in bedrooms all across America.

Are you dominant or submissive? Has your husband or boyfriend asked you to play with his ass more? Take it to the next level with pegging. Take our pegging quiz - click here !
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Threesome - Are You Curious ?
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pegged by the wife
Sophie straddles her man
Stacey vents to her friend April when she's fed up with her husband not giving her enough attention in the bedroom. April teaches Stacey about pegging, and they come up with a plan to give Stacey's husband a wake up call. Stacey discovers how thrilling it can be take take control, but how will her husband react?
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Stacy takes her husband from behind !
I'm just a straight couple trying pegging for the first time.
pegged by the wife
Sophie straddles her man
Pegged By the Wife !
FEMDOM - Sophie Straddles Her Man (Busty Domme Dominates her New Sub for the First Time, Female Domination, Male Submission, Domestic Discipline)
first timer strap-on and dildo set
the scarlet strap-on and dildo set
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The dildo's are small and the ideal size for wives to use on their mate for the first time. Better yet the price is perfect.
Straight Guys are game to try pegging  . . . . .
Click on a photo - then click link to explore couples and pegging.
Straight talk about pegging and prostate stimulation . . . . .
Hey - are you straight and thinking about trying pegging? Watch the short video below. The point to take away is that you should establish a safe word between you and your partner to ensure you don't go to deep. Remember to start out slow and small (dildo) and use plenty of lube. Enjoy your pegging session ):!
Hey - checkout this short video - it is hillarious !!!
This video is for straight couples curious about pegging and prostate stimulation. You may find t this video helpful as you explore pegging for you and your partner - enjoy ):! P.S> New to prostate milking or stimulation - find more useful information with our resources below.
My husband wanted anal and i just said, why not.
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I purchased the Tantus Feeldoe. When my wife and I are feeling very wild she will slide some fingers in my ass and sometimes even a vibrator. It gets her very excited, and to tell you the truth it feels pretty good for me. My question is how to bring about the topic of her using a Feeldoe on me without her getting the wrong impression. We have been married for 26 years and use a small variety of toys. I bought the feeldoe for both os us but she uses it to masturbate while she takes my cock up her ass.

Lately this has been her favorite position me ass fucking her while she masturbates.

Answer: All men should try pegging at least once. Hey the feeldoe is a great stimulator for your wife. When she is getting off just come out as ask her to fuck you in the ass. Feeldoe is on sale - click here !
Many "Straight" Men Love Their Prostate Stimulated !

Putting something in your rectum doesn't make you homosexual unless obviously men turn you on. Men and women have a sexual ritual called pegging where the female penetrates the male with a strap-on to stimulate his prostate. Many straight guys love their prostate stimulate.

Many Older Men Will Pay for Prostate Stimulation !

Older Men (50 - 75)  especially love prostate stimulation. Many older men will pay to have their prostate stimulated. Yes, our senior male population wiil visit escorts, call girls and ladies of the night just to have their P-spot caressed and to engage in pegging.

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My wife is very happy with it.

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I got the stronger magic wand with a controller to control the speed, so something like this became a great replacement from not having to get the big one out with all the long cables in the way. Its quite strong for a smaller vibrator but cant be compared to the much stronger massagers. That doesn't make this any less better, As this has enough power to get me going and keep me excited. One thing I loved was how it has all the different settings like it will start and stop even switch between slow to fast vibrations. It has a pulse type vibration and many others far more than most people would probably use but that's why I think its a good item for many different people as its not limited to a slow or fast speed. Item came in a clear bag that was in a mesh type bag so the mesh bag doesn't hide the toy but its a nice add. As I don't like a item for the bag it comes in lol I love it for the joy. I used it for the first time last night and I was very pleased with the sensation and it did the job perfectly. There maybe better or even worse toys on the market but this one is one that im happy we bought as I will use this more than a few more times. Having kids at home and hiding my toys is always something I consider, its compact enough to hide away and I cant take my magic wand in the shower with me but this item is great because no cords or cables needed to be connected to use it. Charger cable sticks inside the bottom threw a small hole, I would be very careful when charging as its a small insert end that's on the cable im sure a good drop could bend it so I charge mine so they wont risk the fall.
I'll Try Anything, Once !
Absolutely No !
I'm into pegging !