INEZ is an elegant and luxurious pleasure object with an energetic buzz, crafted in stainless steel or 24K gold-plate. The metal, enticing and evocative against the naked skin, offers exciting prospects for users inclined to the sensual utilisation of hot or cold. Five pre-programmed stimulation modes and a virtually silent vibrator engine provide the basis for a multitude of enjoyable experiences. Her petite frame ensures discreet yet reassuring company, eager to sate daily desires. INEZ is rechargeable and a 2-hour charge provides up to 4 hours of bliss. Comes presented in an elegant wooden gift box, accessorised with charger, manual, satin pouch for stylish storage and a 1-year LELO warranty.
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Pegging Couples & Their Stories !
Pegging On The Rise Among Heterosexual Couples.
I recently stated the fact that pegging is on the rise among heterosexual couples. This also means that pegging porn sites like I Strap On My Man are also becoming more prevalent. But the question that still lingers in many people's mind is why pegging is so hot. Let's answer that question.
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Confession: I Want to Do My Boyfriend with a Strap-On
My boyfriend’s butt is beautiful. It’s pretty. It’s plump. It fits in the palm of my hand. I can’t keep my hands off it, and simply touching it turns me on. I’ve spanked it, kissed it, rubbed it, grabbed it, bit it — and now I want to stick something in it. 
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Today Many Heterosexual Couples (Straight) Are Practicing Pegging !
Today many heterosexual couples (straight) are practicing pegging becasue of the amount of information available on the Internet. Many young couples are open to pegging and anal play because of the many benefits to health and great sex !
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Spank my butt !
Spank my butt, please.
Spanking 101 and Other Tales !
Stories of Men Spanking Women  Stories of Women Spanking Men
Stories of Women Spanking Women
The way to my boyfriend's heart was through his ass!
read free erotic pegging stories: I finally got my boyfriend to let me use my strap-on dildo on him. I love giving it to my man up the . . . !
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I finally got my boyfriend to take it up the . . .
Anal Play for Heterosexual Couples !
Recently, pegging was featured in the television show Weeds, during the episode "Crush Girl Love Panic," in a scene where Andy Botwin, expecting to have sex with Yael Hoffman in her apartment, is surprised when she refuses to have vaginal sex with him, and dons a large strap on. Even more recently, one of the plot threads begun in the pilot episode of Dirt involved Lucy Spiller blackmailing basketball superstar and "family man" Prince Tyreese for story information on a missing (and murdered, as it is revealed) rap star after entrapping Tyreese with photos of him being pegged by a prostitute, Stormy (played by pornographic actress Stormy Daniels), whom Lucy had hired for precisely such purpose.

Why is Pegging Going Mainstream ?
More women dominant (femdom) in bedroom !
Women love role reversal for anal !
More men today are into being submissive!
Couples experimenting in bedroom !
Just a trend !
More information available on pegging !
Men are discovering prostate pleasure!

In a recent poll more than 75% of heterosexual males admitted to anal play ( taking a finger in the ass or having their lover insert a dildo or prostate toy in their butt. Only 17% admitted to actually being penetrated by their lover with a strap-on.
Adult toy sale companies have reported large increases in strap-on purchases by heterosexual couples. The trend has increase each year for the past 10 years.
Tell us what you think. Take our quick and easy web poll.
Plus because of our poor job market, many women have become the bread-winner and we now have stay at home dads who have taken over the household duties. Not only are they taking care of the kids and preparing the meals they are also bending over in the bedroom. Watch this dominant wife.
Today more couples are open to trying new things in the bedroom and more information is available to heterosexual men about the benefits and pleasure of anal sex. Take our poll tell us what you think !
Are you a straight couples and would like to engage in anal play - then you have come to the right place. Anal play will be a very pleasant surprise to your husband and you will enjoy it also. It will give your husband awesome orgasms and you will enjoy the feeling of taking your sex life to another level.
Pegging and today's woman
Today's Woman Enjoys Pegging !
Many said because of the success of the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy, heterosexual couples are experimenting with kink, bondage and pegging behind closed doors.
Women today enjoy pegging. In terms of physical pleasure, women can get direct stimulation from the base of the dildo, or in the case of a double-ended dildo, from vaginal penetration. A woman can use a secondary vibrator, between the dildo and her clitoris, to also get pleasure from pegging.
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Pegging & Today's Woman !
Surfer's Top Ten Pegging Videos !
I did my research, bought my first strap-on and ordered plenty of lube. Then, i surprised by husband one night and now he's my bitch !He talked me into giving him anal shortly after we got married 8 years ago, now i'm checking out his hersey highway !Feeldoe Pegging. Women love strapless pegging becasue pleasure is gauranteed while pleasing husband or boyfriend.My husband wanted a threesome, so i agreed on one condition. Guess what it was ?
My Pegging Thoughts !
Karen D.
Recommended Reading for Straight Couples Pegging for the First Time !
Submit To Her Will. A practical guide to establishing a successful female led relationship
[Kindle Edition]
Must read kindle books for straight couples who are curious about pegging . . .
Today women are calling the shots in the bedroom !
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Amateur Pegging Videos !
Anal play for heterosexual couples !
Watch our video that will introduction you to anal play !
Pegging 101 ------------------------------------------------------------
Picture Of The Month !
I.m a freak in the bedroom, so when my bf asked me to get a strapon and use it on him, I was game. I tried it and i actually got off getting him off - click here !
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Straight Wives & Girlfriends Modeling Their Strap-ons !
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Sexy Wife/GF Strap-on Gallery - Click Here !
Many think women today are asserting their dominancy in all areas of life and career and are now taking control in the bedroom.
Top Ten Pegging Stories !
Straight Couples !
Submit to her will by kitty williams
As more and more women assume positions of authority both in their working life and in their personal life, there is a growing interest in couples establishing relationships where the female takes the lead.

Kitty Williams explores this growing phenomenon in her new book, peppered with examples from people already enjoying successful female led relationships. Kitty looks at the changing roles of men and women in society, the need for men to find a meaningful role in this new world order, and the benefits that a female led relationship provide for both men and women.

Topics covered include power exchange, emasculation, chastity, punishment and domestic arrangements. Kitty also looks at how some couples have pushed the boundaries, with their relationship gradually evolving and intensifying over time to the point that it bares little resemblance to a marriage in the conventional sense.

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Hot erotic interracial stories. You will love the picture gallery !
The Feeldoe is quite a popular sex toy for pegging couples !
Find out why feeldoe is so popular for straight couples into pegging. It's the perfect toy to get both the giver and the receiver off.
Secretly, many women fantasize about doing their men with a strap on. Many men also fantasize about having their women do them with a strap on. Click here !
pegging humor
Husband and Wife share a double headed dildo together.
double-headed dildo for pegging couples
Are you a dominant wife in the bedroom ? - click here ! Are you a submissive male in the bedroom ? - click here !
Straight couples pegging !
FemDom Pegging!
Role play with Mistress Selena ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
femdom pegging
Strapon Princess!
Strapless Pegging!
Pegging My Man!
Strap-on Gallery
Pegging Movies!
Rate Pegging Movies ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
Strap-on wivies/gf picture gallery ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
Preparing your man for pegging ! ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
Strapless pegging with feeldoe ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
Make a date with the strapon princess ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
the strapon princess !
strapless pegging with feeldoe
Preparing your man for pegging !
strap-onn pegging gallery
watch HD quality pegging movies !
today more straight couples are pegging !
Strap-on wivies/gf picture gallery ! - <a href="">Click here !</a>
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Are you adventurous in the bedroom? Then this is a must to try with an adventurous lover.
Luxurious pure silk sashes for some playful fun. Two 3 1/2' long sashes with a looped end for easy fastening and one 3 1/2' long sash that can be used for whatever comes to mind. With three sashes, the combinations are endless. Use one as a blindfold, and two to fasten wrists to bedposts or bind arms together and legs together. The possibilities are endless. This silk sash set is perfect for introducing your partner to soft sexy bondage. Click here !
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feeldoe pegging
Spice Up Your Sex Life !
Female Fetish Bondage Leather
There are no butts about it, proper anal cleansing is the key to successful anal sex. This guide is intended for first timers, Dominants, submissives, tops, bottoms, ‘bend-over’ boyfriends and girlfriends, porn stars, couples and solo acts.
Bend your man over and take his ass with your strap-on !
75 naughty moves to try on a man
Taking Your Man's Ass !
Pegging: The sexual practice between consenting adults when the female partner penetrates her man's ass with a strap-on or strapless dildo.
Pegging is indeed trending !
INJOYUS a must have toy for pegging !
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Feel Good & Have Great Sex !
sex in the shower toys
This Single Locking Foot Rest from the Sex in the Shower collection makes sex in the shower easier and safer than ever while provide optimal angle of entry for vaginal or anal penetration. Lock down suction design with flip lever activation.

Everybody loves sex in the shower!
"i slept with a celebrity that wanted me to do him in the ass :) !
i had strap-on sex with a male celebrity !
Vivid: Celebrity News & Sex Tapes . . .
Straight Couples Pegging To Spice Up Bedroom Sex - Anal Sex for Men No Longer Taboo !
Most straight men when asked about pegging feel that men should be the penetrator, not the penetratee. It turns out that most straight men fear of reciprocal anal play is a potent mix of sexism and homophobia, a straight man can do it to someone else, but having it done to them is unacceptable. Today that "stone age thinking is slowly going away as men are learning the benefits and pleasures of consensual anal sex with their sex partners. Pegging is becoming a regular feature of sex play for straight couples.

Today however, the newly discovered anti-cancer benefits of prostate stimulation are giving straight men - a legimate excuse to be more open when it comes to strap-on sex and being penetrated by their female partners. Breaking this taboo has become trendy as more and more straight couples are engaging in the act of pegging. Single and married straight men are buying Aneros - the doctor-created and FDA approved prostate stimulator. Open minded couples are enjoying the variety of switching places and dominant women are getting off pleasing their men. Straight men are actively learning how to enjoy anal sex play.
Celebrity Beauty & Weight Loss Secrets ?
Most Viewed !
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Anal Delight . . .
sexy couple enjoying electro sex play.
Are you ready to turn over and take it up the ass?
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I step out of the bathroom and Paul’s mouth drops open.
“What is that?” he asks. His eyes are glued to my crotch.
“That,” I say, pointing to it, “is my little friend, and I'm going to stuff you with it." He’s speechless as I walk toward him. When I reach Paul, I make him put his hand on it so that he can feel what I’ll be filling him with. “What if it doesn’t fit?” he asks.
“I’ll make it fit,” I say.

I grab his hair and kiss his lips. He kisses me back so fiercely that I feel like my lips are going to bruise. We both fumble with his clothes, throwing his shirt and pants to the floor.
“Get on your knees,” I say. Read more >>>
Newlyweds, Amy and Paul, are spending their honeymoon in a tropical paradise. But all is not well, and Amy realizes that Paul just can't perform like he used to. When Amy's friend, Jessica, introduces her to the advantages of pegging, she has an idea that will make for a much hotter second honeymoon.
Popping My Husband's Cherry !
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Pegging Your Man For The First Time !
Stimulating the prostate (pegging) will give a man bigger and harder ejaculations & erections ! - click here !
BETTER SEX! Straight men are finding that they get harder erections and/or better ejaculations when they engage in pegging.

75 naughty moves to try on a man
women fetish wear
Women Fetish Wear . . .
watch naked news the show that hides nothing !
Pegging your man with a strap-on dildo - anally !
pegging for begginners illustrated !
Pegging for beginners illustrated . . .
The ultimate guide to anal sex for men !
My husband and I decided to experiment with pegging and were surprised to find that we both got off exchanging roles. I now feel that pegging is something that couples should try for variety in the bedroom.
From the publishers of the best-selling Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (35,000 copies sold) comes a companion book for men. Among the topics covered are safety, preparation, and hygiene; how to give and receive anal pleasure; building trust and communicating desires; and choosing toys, accessories, and safe-sex supplies. An extensive resource guide of books, videos, and Web sites is also included. Learn more >>>
A must read for couples curious about pegging . . .
The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners
"If you only have one book about prostate play on your bookshelf, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure should be it. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s the best book on anal play of any sort that I read simply by being inclusive, realistic and easy to digest." —Of Sex and Love - click here !
On sale - Double Love Strap-on !
The Double Love Strap-On is a double ended vibrator that can be attached to a harness and worn as a strap on. One end of the vibrator is inserted into the harness wearer so that each thrust can be felt by both partners! Double the pleasure with this strap-on, with strong vibrations in both phallic probes. Comes with a super soft, stretchable harness! Made from phthalate free, body safe materials.
The Double Love Strap-on is perfect for first timers !
What Every Straight Wife / GF taking cock up the ass should know about pegging . . .
butt plug on sale
doc johnson ultra harness on sale !
This is information for the "straight" wife or girlfriend who has been taking it up the ass and is now pegging curious.
Read on ladies - I bet the man in your life asked you for anal sex and you said why not, I'm game to please my man. After being broken in anally, you now give it to your man on special occasions I.e, like his birthday or an anniversary. Ladies if you have been taking it up the ass for him, today it is time for him to take it up the ass for you !
It's Time To Pop Your Man's Cork . . .
Pegging, like anal sex for couples use to be taboo, but is now trending and spicing up sex in heterosexual bedrooms all across America straight men are enjoying prostate pleasure (see prostate milking guide). Women are enjoying role reversal when it comes to anal sex.
So if you are reading this - you are ready to bend your man over and see why so many straight couples are engaging in strap-on sex with the wife/gf doing the giving and the man doing the receiving.
Here is the quick down and dirty to pegging your man. Pre-plan your first pegging sex adventure. You want to make your first pegging experience as pleasurable and enjoyable as possible. After all, you are taking your man's anal virginity. Yes, order the Champaign or your favorite aphrodisiac and join the strapon happy straight couples getting off and into pegging. Yes, ladies are getting off stroking their men.
Do use plenty of lube
Start with a small dildo
Purchase a quality strap-on
Purchase a butt plug with harness
Don't start out with a 12 inch dildo
(unlike women, men prefer the smaller the better)
Don't purchase a cheap strap-on
Don't get carried away - take it slow.
Remember the first time that you took something up your butt. That hole is quite tight and your man's is no different. You will need to work on it with your finger or a small butt plug to relax the muscle and widen the opening before going in with your strapon. Or use a method used by porn stars, have your man wear a butt plug with a harness before your pegging session or during foreplay. Your man will love wearing a butt plug and receiving oral sex. Try it and watch the load he shoots before you start working with your strapon..
The single most important piece of equipment is the strapon. Don't buy a cheap strapon harness you are going to regret it. You want a strap-on that will allow you to keep the dildo in place and allow you to be in control with your new little friend between your legs. Doc Johnson Ultra Harness is everything a female and her partner need for a great sexual experience. It's on sale at Amazon for 54.60 - You save 145.39 and you get free shipping. It's easily adjustable to fit all and comes with two butt plugs. It's a great deal you can't beat Read the reviews > > >
I am so ready for your ass !
Pegging !
pegging my husband
buy kinklab adjustable strap on dildo harness
buy a strapon dildo harness for pegging
It’s easy to adjust the sizing and placement of this genuine leather strap on dildo harness from Kinklab: just slide straps through the D-rings on the side to fine tune the fit. Quicker adjustments mean a more fulfilling experience, because dildo harnesses require constant tweaking to remain secure as you and your partner change positions.

A secure fit is important because the better a dildo harness fits without slipping, the more directly the motion of the wearer’s body follows through in the motion of the dildo or butt plug, which increases both the confidence of the wearer and the pleasure of her partner. Thanks to the D-rings on the sides, our Adjustable Strap On Dildo Harness allows you to quickly rearrange the fit and placement of the harness as you and your partner move around without interrupting the action!
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