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Q. How do i ask my partner to peg me ?
A. This is the most asked question and to keep this simple the picture above says it all. Communication. It's that simple. Pegging is for couples who are into each other's sexual needs and desires. Couples who would like to experiment with pegging are probally already into anal play. Prostate stimulation is an individual thing - some people just don't like it, others need a few times to get used to it (it is often an acquired taste), and some like it from the get-go.
SO! Late last year, we began discussing anal in general with regards to me. I had played around with myself back there a couple times before over the years, and had a general idea of what felt good and what didn't. Between our discussions in 2011 and the beginning of summer this year, we accomplished quite a bit. We started small and worked our way up. My P-spot was quickly discovered in the process, and the results were highly satisfying. Eventually we moved from fingers to small toys, and from small toys to larger ones. A couple inflatables were really exciting, and with use we found that the pressure on the P-spot was very satisfying. By the beginning of summer, we took it as far as trying (and succeeding) with her hand/fist. Luckily with petite body comes petite hands.

During the summer, having progressed through various stages, we safely concluded that it would be worthwhile trying pegging. Doing our homework, we purchased our own custom mini-kit to get things started:

SpareParts Joque Harness
Fetish Fantasy Elite
Ballsy Super Cock
Jopen Vanity Vr1

Pegging No Longer A Fantasy
Q. So strap on sex has always been a topic of discussion between my girlfriend and i, and now our discussions will be put to rest as we will be trying it soon. what i was wondering: what do the other guys out there think of their first time experiences? ive used very simple dildos, and a buttplug, so im expecting something different. your thoughts?
A. It may be awkward for both of you, so don't be surprised if things aren't as exciting the first time out. That said, if you use lots of lube, (then use more), talk throughout about what you're feeling and go slowly, you'll likely enjoy it. Will take some getting used to. Our first time was very good as I look back. Found it very pleasurable once we got into a comfortable rhythm. Go slowly, take your time and see what you like in terms of angles, pace, etc. Good luck.

Take some time before you peg to get everything ready. Buy the harness and dildo together so you get something you're both comfortable with, and have some non-pegging "get to know the equipment" sessions for you both. Have her wear the harness for a couple hours to get used to the feelings and adjustments, and do some dry runs to practice thrusting and control.

Also try out different positions without the dildo. You're looking for one thats comfortable and that you both can relax in.

Talk out your first time. Figure out what preparations you want to take, what foreplay you think you want, and make sure that all materials are handy (paper towels are nice to have handy and not always easy to remember). Figure out whether she'll have an orgasm first or not. If she hasn't played with your butt yet that's a good thing to do as well.

Don't plan on it being wonderful the first time. It will probably be awkward and may seem a bit bizarre. If you both like the idea go ahead and plan on suspending judgement for a couple of sessions until you can get the hang of it.
Q. I hear alot of couples buy the feeldoe for pegging. Have you used the feeldoe for pegging ?
A. My Husband will either use our Realdoe Classic or Feeldoe Slim on me. We like to role play DP story lines. The best position for us to simulate DP in this way, is him taking me Doggie Style. He has the bulb end of the feeldoe in his ass, so from behind he can easily enter my ass with his cock, and at the same time guide the feeldoe into my pussy. It is so wild, cause it feels so real!!! Hint: We also like playing with the share. The share is from fun factory. The share is a fun toy for couple. The Share is softer and the giver's bulb is bigger and easier to hold onto. It does have the flare at the base, which is a plus and a minus. If you can't take the max diameter you can still ride Share, but if you can't take the max diameter you can't take the maximum length. Share doesn't have a vibrator, but it does "cradle" the vulva and stimulate the clit/vulva from rubbing and the G-spot from inside. I have a love affair with the feeldoe, so I'm just biased :] But, I have to admit we love the larger bulb with the share, so I would say take the ride for yourself and get both. Gauranteed you will love feeldoe pegging - learn more click here !
Q. Would you consider a thigh harness?
A. I recently purchased a thigh harness and it has added so much to our couples play. I would have never thought it but my husband agreed to it so I got it. I am loving it!!
NO penis on earth can last all night, and yet very few vagina's and anuses cannot, so we have a couple different strap on toys, including a thigh harness,that my hubby uses, when having an all night (or all day and night) sex marathon with me, and he is able to use that thigh one to have me "sit in his lap" and play with me manually, kiss a bunch, suck on my breasts....whatever, till HE is able to regain an is great. By then, just a little up and down or wiggling on the thigh dildo, and I have cum another ten times, and am SO ready for the "real thing" (which, frankly, I have always found FAR more satisfying then ANY toy made).

The thigh harness is GREAT for couples play. I put it on once, to try to do pegging that way, but it just didn't feel right to either of us, so that toy is JUST used on me. I will stick to my "dildo endowed panties" for pegging time!!!
If you are a straight guy, you probally have noticed that when your partner stimulates your prostate you have stronger orgasms and can last longer during sex. Ladies, most straight guys love a finger in their ass while you give them oral sex. If you are ready to graduate to the next level (pegging), you and your partner will find great pleasure and a new adventure to share and experience together. I find this great first time pegging story at Eden Fantasy Sex Forum that I would like to share with you.
Pegging - The New Trend That's Turning Women On !
The thought process with the Jopen Vanity Vr1 is that if the Ballsy Super Cock was used, she could have the Jopen inside her simultaneously, and by going "through the motions" with pegging, she would simultaneously be stimulating herself internally.

Last night, we graduated from just a fantasy to a reality, and it was nothing short of amazing. I've read a lot of people's comments about the female should harness up and get a feel for things before the "big night" but we went the opposite direction. Working together, we got the Ballsy strapped up and I help tighten up the strap of the harness. For a good ten minutes, it was cute to watch her running around with her new found friend...whipping it around, grabbing it and shaking it, giggling saying things like, "I don't know how you guys deal with your balls between your legs!" It was a good ice breaker to joke around for a bit before moving into the bed.

Once in the bed, things got more serious. It started with her and I just laying next to each other, while she lubed up and just "practiced" stroking the dildo. After a bit of thought on how we should handle the first time, and in what position, we opted for a simple "me on the back, her on knees between my legs." Though I had warmed up a little beforehand (and had tested the Ballsy by myself days prior), I was still shocked when she first slipped in. Taking it slow at first to adjust and correct position, the rest seem to come very naturally. She had been worried about motions and techniques, but after a few strokes, she had the rhythm of a pro. I too was a bit nervous at first, but I quickly became comfortable and submitted to her control on top. When things sped up to a strong pace, every thrust of hers worked in balls deep while she focus nibbling from my chest up to my ears. In the final moments, she leaned up enough for me to grab a hold of myself, having one of the most intense orgasms I've ever experienced. Needless to say, she was turned on immensely by what had just took place. Since we went "traditional" with the strap on and lack of female stimulation as well, and since my erection hadn't disappeared at all, I quickly helped her slip off the harness, threw her on her back and returned the favor with the same stamina she just gave me.

I apologize for the length bit, but I just wanted to share that the first time was a great one, and it definitely won't be the last.

If you're reading this and have considered it, I highly recommend you try it. I think the most helpful aspect to making the experience successful was the length of time exploring limits and COMMUNICATION! Without it, last night would've been less than perfect.
Our Mini Pegging Starter Kit
Q. What are your favorite positions for pegging (for the guys)?
A. My backdoor boyfriends have all seemed to prefer on their back with their legs up. It does make access to their penises a lot easier and I find that they can relax a bit better than, say, doggy position. Plus women love this position because they can give their man oral while stroking their ass. One friend of mine stated: I like to be on my back when she fucks me. I think I get great P-spot stimulation plus she jerks me off better this way. I can cum really hard from all of it though. I like to start in on my back and end up doggie. i like it doggy style, i like feeling her hands on my hips.
Fun Factory Share XL Berry
Tantus Feeldoe Vibrator
Q. I'm looking for ways so my wife can be more dom. We do peg from time to time, but I would prefer some more bondage and being more submissive including watersports. Can anyone help?
Getting my wife more comfortable being a Dom?
A. Stop, you are either a sub or dom. Don't think you can create a dom. A dom is a dom. Your wife is pleasing you and your fantasy. The only one who can help you is your wife. The only way that your wife is going to know what you want and what you like is for you to be open and honest and begin a dialogue. Talk to her about what you want and explain why you want it and see if she's open to it. Watch/read some BDSM erotica together so she can get some ideas of how to act and you two can discuss what you like and don't like. You've already crossed the biggest hurdle - having found a woman with whom you feel comfortable enough to open up about your fantasies enough to get you to this point. Now all you need to do is continue to keep the lines of communication open. But, be sure to make it a two way street. Ask her what you can do to enhance her intimate experiences. Perhaps even use that as your "in" or way to start the conversation. And, in case you've been buried in a cave for the last several years, there is a MASSIVE explosion of BDSM/fetish erotica that has become (dare I say) almost mainstream lately. Remember, women are more intellectual in their sexuality where we are more visual. In my experience, in the end what will have the most impact on her - and allow your relationship to grow deeper and broader - is you honestly and openly exposing your deepest sexual secrets and the things that turn you on the most (and thus making yourself completely open, exposed and vulnerable). The beauty of submitting oneself to your partner - when you are in a true loving and trusting relationship - is that by opening yourself up in such a way, your partner cannot but help be 100% certain that (not only are you one kinky dude) but that you trust her IMPLICITLY with the deepest and darkest secrets of your psyche - places that you've never, ever let another single person come close to seeing. This must be a two-way street. You must listen to and fulfill her desires (even if it means that you have to be something other than the sub every once in a while.
Stronger orgasm during pegging?

Q.i noticed that when i getting pegged or my wifes is using a toy my loads are always stronger than just a normal load. I assume its from the prostate, is that right ?
A. According to a male friend I possed this question to he stated: During the pegging process, my prostate gets very leaky with the massaging that it gets. Then when I finally do orgasm, it is very intense and very big and powerful. Doing this 2 nights in a row, after being milked for some time each night, my girlfriend brought me to orgasm with a p massage using a toy at the same time with a great blow job. It was too intense to orgasm in her mouth so I shot it on my body, hitting myself in the face both nights. That has never happened before and it was amazing!
Pegging is simply taking your sexuality as a couple to another level of sexual exploration and pleasure.The funny thing is that HE approached ME about it before I even started thinking along those lines. I found his willingness pretty hot. It got me off ! I never think I'm going to enjoy it, but once he's enjoying himself so much his reaction really turns me on and I enjoy what I'm doing.  I absolutely love strapping one on and pegging my husband with it, but I also enjoy the feeling of power and dominance it gives me
Pegging Tips - How to milk the prostate !
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I very much enjoy pegging my partner. Such a switch in the dynamics of bedroom play really give us a refreshing rush, and I know it's really his long-time fantasy he wanted to play out, until he was with someone as comfortable with sexuality, not to mention toys, as me, so, it's really intimate, knowing he decided to share that with me, and trusts me enough to let me do this for him, so there is also that aspect of it. It really makes me feel like I'm someone special to him.
Are You Pegging Your Man ?
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Anal Play for Men . . .
you like my finger in your ass, don't you ?
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